so frustrated with ebay! grrr

Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
i have an auction up with no bids and theres 40 watchers!!! i did the length of the auction the normal 7 days since i didnt want to pay extra for 10 days. obviously people are interested but not bidding. this is so frustrating!!! i don't understand what theyre waiting for. it's not like whoever bids the last minute would win the auction anyways since i have a reserve price on it.

sorry guys, i just needed to vent. its just so incredibly frustrating...


Dec 21, 2007
Behind a Cactus
whoa 40 people and not one bid?! :confused1: I don't understand that. When I used to sell that would happen to me too I really didn't get it. It sucks to have to keep relisting it everytime when you know that people are watching and are interested. My stuff eventually will sell but one time it took like 4-5 times to relist before it sold!!! I get your frustration hang in there it will sell.


Feb 23, 2007
I'm having a heck of a time on ebay right now. I'll get a bunch of watchers and they end up closing at what they have been at all week. There's no more of that end of the auction frenzy going on, plus I'm taking a butt kicking on what my stuff is going for. It has to be the economy, the price of gas, postage increase coming in May. It's scary. Buyers don't realize that we do a lot of driving to find these items, so the price of gas has effected us as well. Shipping is going to have to go up, since we can't eat the increase. I don't know the answer. Ebay was fun, now it's stressful. Does anyone else know the answers. Please tell.


Mar 2, 2006
^Exactly. I had this one item up and it had 4 watchers the whole time.
So then I relist and within minutes of my relisting it, someone emails me and says they were watching it but forgot to bid (I still don't see how you can watch an item for nearly a week but forget to bid, but that's just me). So I sold it as a special auction just for them and they did the BIN, and they still haven't paid. Oookay.

And on a couple of my last auctions, they're pretty "hot" items and I usually end up with 15 or so watchers...but only 6 bids. It's kind of depressing.
Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
yea 40 watchers is a big number for me. the number of watchers just grows everyday. i know its because my item is pretty desirable but the lack of bids astounds me. im selling a marc by marc jacobs bag that's the current season. this is also my first listing where im offering to ship internationally as well to expand my buyer base.

ebay is just definitely not what is used to be...i might as well quit now before it gets worse but where am i going to sell the stuff i dont use anymore? places like buffalo exchange and such offer such little buy back rates that its not worth selling to them. PLUS they didnt want to buy my nwt marc jacobs bag that ive had for a year.


My Dream Ring!
Nov 6, 2007
Hong Kong
Funny, you described my last auction that ended just yesterday, exactly the same, I had even more watchers! 42! 7 day auction, no bids til the last day! Haha. I guess they are hoping no one will bid and will ask seller to sell for less since it's not gonna sell anyway :shrugs:

moi et mes sacs

Science Geek!
Sep 22, 2007
well if it doesnt sell, im just going to return it and get store credit. maybe ill buy a better mbmj bag that ill want to keep, lol.
Oh yes if you can return it thats the right move.
I think people are being careful right now. The economy in the UK is not good either. I have bagged a couple of bargains on ebay recently. Prices I would never have imagined this time last year.
I sometimes watch something but by the time the auction is nearly finished I see something else and move on to that....I do have quite a big watchlist...sorry sellers!!


Jul 30, 2007
tell me about it. I have a bag up for sale that only has 3 watchers. Weak.

and it sucks because I had to relist it due to a NPB.

Purple Text

Apr 9, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Well, as someone who is primarily a buyer, I can tell you that I watch a lot of items, and probably only bid on 2 out of every 10 I'm watching. I don't always watch because I intend to bid. Sometimes I'm just interested in seeing what the item goes for.

I also prefer to bid at the end of an auction just to avoid the "nickel and dimers." You know, those people who come along, and see there's a bid at 10.50, and try bidding 11. Then when your max proxy outbids them, they try 11.50. Then 12. And they get annoyed that you keep "beating" them, and keep trying over and over until they finally leave, and the item has been driven up to 25.00.

Whereas, if you let them come along and place their measly 10.50 bid, then you can swoop in at the end and take it from them for 11.00, even with a max bid of 30, cause they don't understand how bidding works. Waiting until the end generally saves ME money.
Jan 18, 2006
I never pay any attention to how many watchers I have. It means nothing. I honestly don't even understand why eBay feels anyone would want to know this information. LOL! Bidders are what count. And I agree, it's beyond ridiculous to watch something for 7 days that you have no intention to bid on.