So frustrated! Where can I buy...

  1. a pair of flattering khaki pants? I have two pairs from American Eagle but they are too short even though my size is 4 LONG. Im so stressed because I dont know where I can find a good pair of pants in a khakish color that follows my school guidelines, is long enough, and fits similar to jeans.:push: Last year Hollister and Abercrombie sold pants that were exactly what I was looking for but I didnt see anything this year. I know they are just pants but its cold and my ugly plaid skirt is not warm! Im 5'9 for reference.
  2. Lol, I was going to suggest Abercrombie but looks like you've already looked. I know Gap sells pants in long.. I also remember J Crew pants being too long for me, they have nice khakis. Good luck, finding pants can be a pain!
  3. I would try Banana Republic. They have tall sizes that I believe have a 36" inseam and their pants tend to be fairly well-cut and flattering.
  4. Also try J Crew. Here are some that are 36 inch and they're on sale.

    I'm surprised you had trouble at American Eagle. I have a pair of 2 longs and a pair of 4 longs, both long enough and I'm 5'11". I wear really, really flat shoes like ballet flats though so maybe that's why.
  5. Definitely Banana Republic - I am a 4L as well and that's where I've gotten mine for the last few years.
  6. Delias? :shrugs: