So frustrated. Second time I go to pick up repair empty handed

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  1. I'm so frustrated guys... Need my TPF'ers!
    I'm not even angry... I'm just in awe...
    As some of you may know, I delivered my Speedy 30B DE at the Maison here in London about a month ago.
    The bag is 6 months old and was sold to me with really really really wrinkly handles. After trying to tell them I would like to exchange and them telling me it was normal I was finally heard and they sent it in to have both handles replaced. 2 weeks later (which was fast I must say) the bag came back to the boutique. One of the new handles were PERFECT, but the other one he has bent the leather in a really weird way so that the manager actually sent the bag back in, AGAIN. Today another 2 weeks later I got the message the bag is ready for collection. I went with high hopes... But no.. They actually changed out BOTH handles again, despite the manager telling them not to. Just one. Now the handles are back to how it was in the beginning. Wrinkly and feeling like sandpaper!
    I'm going in to talk to the manager I worked with soon, she wasn't there today and I really liked her actually. What should I do? They just raised the prices. I could ask for a replacement of the bag, or ask for a store credit in the price of a new speedy 30 and find something else? What would you do/ask for? I'm so gutted. I'm losing so much faith in this company more and more and it's so sad.
    I vent went to try on some bags to buy but I'm so turned off...
    One funny thing came out of it though. I had my Noe bb with me and I had made the loop and through knot on it. One of the SA's saw it and asked: omg how do you do that?? It ended up with me showing the main floor how to tie the knot. Oh man. I have so many mixed emotions right now. Just needed my TPF'ers right now.
    Here is the picture of the bag how it is now.. It was smooth but bent last round.. If I do finally get the help I want I might get a speedy 30 monogram instead. Thanks for reading and for letting share/vent a little..

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  2. Oh, and I didn't let them release the bag to me. I left it there...
  3. I'm sorry, but this looks normal for de.
  4. Hi there. Thanks for your reply.
    It's the new normal yes I agree. Or at least it seems like it's the new normal.. But these bags weren't made like this before, and not all bags are like this. It's frustrating to be told it's normal when I know my friends and familiy have this bag with smooth rolled leather like it's actually supposed to be.. If I wasn't a perfectionist I'd settle for these, but I chose LV over a decade ago because of their perfectionism too. I'm talking to the manager and if this is the new normal ill exchange the bag to something else.
    I could settle I guess, but you know? For the price point I don't really want to... I'm bummed. I'm sorry
  5. My alma epi that I bought has wrinkly handles too, I've seen 3-4 pieces and it's like that. Sadly it's the new normal.
  6. Very sad indeed.... I saw a few Alma pm's in DE today with smooth delicious handles.. AND I also saw a regular speedy 35 DE with smooth handles too. So annoying.
    Sorry you have to deal with it to. Hope it doesn't bother you too much... x

  7. I have several de bags with wrinkled handles. May not have happened twenty years ago, but it's happening now so you can either except LV for it or move on to another brand. Sometimes I think this is why LV customer service is getting so unhelpful.
  8. My Speedy b25 de had wrinkles under the handles when I bought it at Harrods. A week before that I saw one with more wrinkles at LV Bond Street.
  9. +1 when i brought my DE speedy B the handle have a bit of wrinkle like the pic OP posted and it have gotten more after use. it's no big deal as all leather get wrinkle.
  10. I am sorry but this picture looks totally normal to me. Some handles have more or less wrinkles, but for Louis Vuitton that's totally normal. It's coated leather and that's what it does i the curved part of the handle. I think it's just your personal preference at this point. Maybe move on to another model or even another brand?
  11. +1.

    OP--if the bag was unacceptable to you when you first bought it, why didn't you exchange/return it then?

  12. It looks completely normal.

    I think micro-examination of tiny variations leads to outsized dissatisfaction.
  13. I'm not saying that the bag in question is a low quality bag, but people who say "It's LV so either like it or buy another brand" is why LV thinks they can take advantage of their customers. The fact is they know they can get away with lowering the quality of the items and raising the prices just because they're LV. Pretty soon we'll be truly paying for JUST the name.

    They don't even use leather on the buttons anymore on the small leather goods that have the "leather style" button. It's simply the synthetic lining that was previously only used on hidden parts of their wallets.
  14. If this is the new normal and you're not happy with it (I wouldn't be either) then get something else! I wouldn't settle. There are lots of other nice bags out there (LV and other brands) so find one that'll make you happy 😊
  15. I love this! Great philosophy!!
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