SO from Paris

  1. As some of you know. I am waiting for a SO from Paris H. I am wondering if anyone had a 35 birkin (regular leather) shipped to the US by H Paris? How much US custom duties did you pay?

    I am not asking about the VAT, just the the duties the US govt charged for importing a birkin by mail.

  2. i think it's about 4.5%, but i'll have to see whether i can find the tariff schedule again.
  3. thanks dressage queen...
  4. cxyvr... Did they confirm that they'll ship it to the US?? Thats really great!! Its just that i've been told that they don't ship goods unless go to the boutique and pay for your item!
  5. I think they are shipping it b/c I was at the boutique but they didn't have what I want. That's is why they are putting a SO in for me.

    I offered to give them my cc for a imprint but they said they will just call for my cc num when the bag is done and ship it to me.
  6. Wow!
  7. that is expensive...on the special section I see that it's free for IL. Does that mean if I ship it to IL I won't have to pay duties?

    I have been trying to call the us custom line but I haven't been able to get a hold of any one yet.
  8. wow, that is pretty pricey....
  9. yes -- but that's the US-Israel Free Trade Area, not Illinois. (see the abbreviations in the general notes section paragraph 3(c)(i) -- )
  10. :yahoo: hahahha...thank you. I figured that one out just now. I think they should make a special free trade law with the French for us H lovers.
  11. ^^ amen to that!! now, who do we need to pressure in the senate to push it through, wonder????
  12. Do you pay the same 9% duty when you bring it back yourself?
  13. sort of, fd -- i don't recall the exact numbers since i haven't been out of the country in a while, but you get to bring in something like $600 duty free, the next $2,000-ish at a flat percent (8% ?) and then after that they go to the tariff schedule. i'm sure lots of people just don't declare them, but of course that's not legal.
  14. ^^The tax free limit's $800 now (though that won't help you with much from Hermes).