So Freakin' Pissed

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  1. ahhhhh.. sorry guys just needed to vent out my frustration... i went to lv valley fair tonite and i really really:yes: wanted the mono mini "josephine pm" in black and my SA said she has one on the back .. so here i am so freakin' excited then she said oh sorry the other SA just got it from the back and he just sold it.. ahhhhh:hysteric: it is not a good day.. eneweis at least i didn't go home empty handed ended up getting the mono groom cles for my "trouville" :yahoo: .... one more time "ahhhhhhhhhhh, sh*t, aahhhhh... ok i think i'm fine now... but i still like to get my "josephine" :yes:
  2. AWW.. so sorry to hear that.. How frustrating!! You will get your Josephine in no time.. Congrats on the cles though :biggrin:
  3. They could of located one for you and transferred it to the VF store.
  4. Awwww, she didn't offer to call other stores to see if they could ship one in for you? That's usually what my SA tries to do. Next time you're there...ask about that :yes:
  5. gosh no she didn't do that ,,, i guess she's tired already and just wanted to get out from there. i dunno.. i'll just try a differen lv tom... :yes:
  6. Good idea...there are plenty to choose from in the Bay Area! ;)

    PS: Your dog is adorable!
  7. hahhah. thanks
  8. haha you remind me from the sisters from white chicks " I am soooo freakinnn pissed:
  9. ur right.. didn't even realize it:P
  10. Tpf is the perfect place to bring out your frustration :smile:
    Congrats on the groom's very nice! - I hope you get your Josephine soon :smile:
  11. I hope you get the josephine very soon... congratulations on the cute groom :smile:
  12. hahahh. thanks guys... btw good news.... i just had it shipped over here in my place. hopefully i'm getting it by next week... :yahoo: