so frazzled!! (car title issues)

  1. i sold a car last spring to my neighbor who turned around and sold it to his son. i filled out all the appropriate forms and turned everything in to the dmv like i should. today, i get a letter of impound and a bill :wtf: from the city of battleground WA saying i'm the owner of record!!

    i went across the street and talked to my neighbor. he said it doesn't suprise him that his son never took care of changing the paperwork (apparently it's happened before). my neighbor promised he would take care of it (and i believe him. he's a stand up guy.) but i just want to cover my bases. it's already over $300 dollars in charges and at $40 a day, i really don't want to be responsible for any impound fees or collection charges! (especially since i only sold the car for $200 and i've never even been to battleground!)

    has this happened to anyone before? who do i need to call or what do i need to do?
  2. Did you keep a copy of all the forms you turned in?

    I'd call an attorney to see if your liable since you completed and turned in all the paperwork for your now sold car.

    Hope you get it taken care of quickly.
  3. There is not very much you can do, at least where I am from, which is the state of Michigan. You should have gone to the DMV with the kid. I am not sure that if you even had a copy of a Title it would make a difference, as the changes were never approved by the DMV. Just my .02 cents, I used to work at an auto dealership and this was a problem I have seen on more than one occasion.
  4. Go to the DMV and state your case. Take with you copies of all documents that you submitted to them stipulating the transfer of ownership to your neighbor. Maybe the DMV screwed up by not recording the transfer.
  5. Yikes!! I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Hope you get it straightened out! :smile:
  6. i'll have DH dig out all the paperwork on his next day off. i was hoping i could avoid the DMV, but no such luck it looks like. :smile: thanks ladies!
  7. Not sure what state you are in. In Calif and WA, the transfer of title form has to be notarized.

    The date of notarization should establish the date of title transfer - and responsibility transfer.

    I had a friend who sold a car and trusted the buyer to do the DMV work. A year later he was paying hundreds of $ in tickets. Friend should have known to walk it through DMV himself - he was an attorney! Ilzabet, I know you said you took the papers to DMV. Good on you. I just post this story for other tPFrs to read and learn.

    Good luck!