So.. FH and I set some terms! LOL

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  1. I know I posted in another thread that my FH isn't a big purse guy... He says girls with lots of purses drive him nuts (ala his sister, who has about a billion she never uses he says). So asked him if I could have 5 Coach purses (keyword there, COACH PURSES :yahoo:) and then after that I would have to get rid of one if I got a new one. He agreed.

    So far I have two.

    My Ali top handle pouch:

    And my shiny new lurex Maddy hobo:

    Now, I know I want a black purse (still debating the Peyton shoulder bag, though I think she might be a bit too expensive). And something in patent for bad weather - maybe a Groovy or a Poppy hobo?

    I'm at a loss on what to get for my fifth piece though! I am thinking maybe a tote or something I could use for school.. Hm. Pepper tote, maybe? :graucho:

    Oh, this little 'deal' does not count accessories, either. :yahoo: Pepper wristlet, you will be mine some day!
  2. LOVE the Maddie - I've recently seen that color IRL and fell in love.
  3. I am glad you got the deal you need for FH.. The bags are lovely..

    I do hope you are not like me I said to DH that I only wanted and would have 24 bags and I am up around 52. LOL
  4. Good luck with sticking to 5!!! Lol. I couldnt do it!

  5. Probably... :whistle:

  6. I can probably stick to 5 PURSES.... I may need more totes... Totes aren't purses, right? :graucho:
  7. lovely purses for far...5 is a great for almost everyday of the week. i remember when i used to have just 5...keyword: USED to bf and i have a strict don't ask don't tell rule lol...

    funny story: just yesterday i told him to get me a purse from my room and i said the purple patent...he was like "you have 6 of those" I was like the dark purple one and he says "you have 5 of those" and then I was like the tote one "you have 3 of those" yeah...having a lot of bags makes life more difficult lol
  8. Nice bags. Enjoy them!