So fed UP!

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  1. I have had it with these ebay buyers. I have attempted to sell a rare Gucci bag 3 times and all 3 a non paying bidder. On top of this I got a echeck for another item over the weekend and today woke up to an email from paypal that the buyer had insufficient funds. Are you KIDDING ME!
    Is it just me???
  2. Its definately not just you, I've been trying to do my first Ebay sale ever (after buying on Ebay for years), and I've been listing the same bag over and over because nobody is buying! I'm not even asking an outrageous price; my asking price is about 60% of the retail value and the bag has only been used like twice! Its in pristine condition!

    Since I only have buyer feedback, every potential buyer on Ebay has started out sending nice emails, and then turns around and starts sending harsh emails like "why are you selling this purse so cheap? You're a scammer aren't you???"

    I'm getting so sick of these people acting like they're interested and then turning around and backing out!

    I blame all the real scammers on Ebay, I think that they've all scarred us all so much that every buyer on the market is overly suspicious, including myself most of the time. Its ridiculous.

    Oh and I also blame the economy.
  3. Why don't you use BIN option with Immediately Payment Required. So next time when you wake up, you just need go to Paypal and cash out your fund! :biggrin:
  4. I have done this hence the bad echeck! I am so tired of deaking with deadbeats. I have typically had 1 out of 10 buyers do this now it seem to be 2 good and 5 bad UGH!
  5. First, try and remain calm. Unfortunately you have had 3 back to back unnerving situations.

    I would consider a BIN with immediate payment required and include in your ad
    ONLY SERIOUS BIDDERS & BUYERS and hope that it will work out the next go around.
  6. I have tried to sell a bag several times I got crazy questions Someone who kept contacting me for weeks on end and than didnt buy the bag.I was thinking of consigning it but I would only get 25 % of what it cost.Its rough in this economy to sell anything high end .I had the auction authenticated but still had people sending me question after question and finally once again it ended unsold.
  7. I had this issue a few times but I set BUYER REQUIREMENTS and it worked wonders! I made it so only ebayers with a paypal account linked to their ebay account could bid, no international (they had to ask me first), and they couldn't bid if they had 2 unpaid item strikes. Weeds out the losers.
  8. yeah SOME of the losers...the others have like 5 FB and 'paypal issues'
  9. ^^PayPal issues could be the simple result of waiting for their funds to transfer from their bank. I know whenever I do a bank transfer into my PayPal- the funds are deducted from the bank quickly, however it can take 3-5 days just to post to my PayPal!! When I've had this happen- sellers have been kind, b/c I simply let them know. Everyone wants to be paid now, have their stuff now, ect. ect., but we all have to play by the rules.
    As for dead-bidders, I've done the same as olialm1 with my auctions. I don't sell as often anymore but I haven't had any major problems when I have sold lately. Now I hope I didn't just jinx myself!
  10. It's not just you, Ebay seems to have attracted a multitude of horrible buyers in the last few months, some who's negatives are over a year old and are out to make all sellers pay for their shoddy history as buyers.

    I only run auctions to attract buyers to my store listings, I'm so tired of having to send second invoices or file a Non Paying Bidder Alert just to choke under ten bucks from some people.

    Ebay is no fun anymore.