SO fed up i wanna cry

  1. i just came back from running around trying to get a stupid ovulation test because the $30 clearblue digital ovulation test i bought from target never even worked. i am so pissed and frustrated with this whole trying to conceive business and this just tops it off. Target wouldnt even give me my money back for a stupid test that didnt work. So trust me I will be raising a big stink about it. Also i have decided that i will no longer be shopping there again. Yes Target is on my boycott list! I am tired of trying to get pregnant, taking those stupid pills, and having to take off time twice a month for stupid shots that dont work. i am furious with my husband because last month i had four good eggs and that selfish bastard refused to have sex because he was "TIRED". Well i am tired of this. I am tired of looking at what was my future baby's room. I am tired of people asking me if I am pregnant, and babies asking me where my baby is. I am so fed up with this, i cant do it anymore. I can't sit in my dr.'s office twice a month and look at pictures of other people's babies plastered all over the wall. I am tired of rude cashiers at Target looking at me like I am crazy for asking for my money back for a product that never even worked. I am tired that stupid Clearblue's hotline doesnt go past 5pm. WHEN DO THEY THINK PEOPLE HAVE TIME TO TAKE THEIR STUPID TESTS? I'm so sorry, but i need to vent.
  2. {{{ Sweetxoxo76 }}}

    Vent all you needed! Yeah, we're in the same shoes, and here to listen and support.

    I use the Clearblue fertility monitor and it is as accurate as a OPK, so maybe give it a try?

    How long have you been trying? 5 months?
  3. I´m sorry your feeling this way, I´ve been there before *hugs* I strongly recommend the book Taking Charge of your fertility, it helps gain some control back when you feel like your body is not working.
  4. You go girl!!! Get it out!!! :cursing:

    {{hugs}} we are here for you sweetxoxo76

    Let's start an I'm tired of _______ . thread...

    I'm tired of hearing of celebrities getting pregnant (Jessica Alba :throwup:)
  5. ^ that is a great idea tabbyco......

    Sweetxoxo let it all out. That is why we are here.
  6. We were pregnant in January and lost the baby at the end of March. I always felt like my dr. should've done a little more because I had told him how long it took us to get pregnant. It took me 3 months to recover from the operation. And my dr. pressured me to go on this clomid treatment. So this is the fifth month and i have one egg. I am so stressed and upset about this I am ready to give up hope. I almost feel like its a waste of time, energy, & money.
  7. I´m so sorry about your loss. What a tragic time you are having, I don´t even have the words to say. I hope you will get pregnant soon, you deserve it.
  8. I'm in your boat-
    a friend stayed over broke my damn $219 clearblue fertility monitor by getting it wet- then they won't replace it even though I mailed it to them. HAH I spend $53 on there stupid sticks for the monitor and they won't replace it? F Tham.
    For X-Mas I am getting the OV Watch, that baclorette woman said she got pregnant after trying like 2 yrs with it.
    A lot of people say it works better than the monitor.

    My husband sucks too- I begged the last 2 nights and have to hear he is sick and his stomach hurts. HI I am on Clomid for a REASON.

    He will never ever do it every other day.
  9. Glad you let it out, sweetxoxo76. Have you thought about changing Dr.? Just seem like you are not happy with your current, so maybe you can find someone who is more sensitive to your needs and situation.
  10. I spent my entire 20's worrying about getting pregnant and I have been with my DH since I was 19, now I'm in my 30's and we are trying its just not happening. I do think I am going to get my DH a diary for 2008 and start noting down the dates when he can be bothered, so that he can see he actually has to be there to increase the chances of conception!
  11. ^^
    Same here Berkin.
    Been with DH since 16, in our 30's now and finally trying. He thinks "one shot" is enough to do the trick. So frustrating, he just doesn't get it.
  12. Thats what DH kept telling me way before we started wrong was he? He didnt say it anymore now that we have been ttc for 4 mths.