so Fed-Ex pulls up to my house this morning......

  1. I was expecting my Speedy to be delivered today and I hear the Fed-Ex truck. I run out there and instead of 1 box, he is unloading 3 boxes!!! Well, hubby told me that he ordered some stuff from Bass Pro Shop, so I figured that 1 box was mine and 2 for him. No biggie. I sign for them, the truck drives off and I lug all 3 boxes in the house.

    I look at all 3 boxes and sure enough, one from Bass Pro, but there are 2 from ELX Distribution (Eluxury). My first thought was that they shipped two Speedys by mistake. I open one and there is my Speedy 25, all pretty and folded up. So I open the second box, thinking I need to call them right now and see what is going on. When I open the 2nd box.........there is a Vernis Reade PM in Framboise!!!! I look and it was addressed to me, but I didn't order it. Where did this come from???? What are the chances of Eluxury making a mistake and sending the exact other bag that I wanted??? So, I am opening the envelope with the receipt and my cell phone rings. It is hubby.........he says, oh by the way, I have a little surprise coming for you today.......HE KNEW I WANTED IT AND BOUGHT IT FOR ME BEHIND MY BACK!!!! I didn't think he was capable of doing something like this, lol. He normally just looks at my bags, asks the price and rolls his eyes. He told me that he knew I had been agonizing over which one to get so he let me decide and then he ordered the other one the same day!!!!
  2. How sweet! Congrats!
  3. Aaaah, that's so sweet of your DH!! :heart:
  4. How sweet. I love to hear of other hubbies like mine!! =)

    Enjoy your new BAGS!! =)
  5. awww so sweet of him...congrats!!!
  6. OMG! That is SO sweet! Congrats on your new bags! Can we see pics??
  7. Lucky! Post pictures..
  8. What a sweet will have to thank him later when he gets home!!!!!:graucho:
  9. I can take pics, but I don't know how to post them in the thread
  10. I didn't think things like that really happened. Where did you find him??!!!
  11. oh WOW. okay he wins. he totally wins. at everything.

    your hubby ROCKSSSSSSS!
  12. Does your husband have a single brother?!!!!

    You're soooooooooo lucky!!!!! I am soooooo jealous!!!!!

    Congratz! The reade is to die for!!! you're going to love it!
  13. that is super sweet of him. congrats on your TWO new bags now. yay!
  14. YAY! how fun! I hope my man does that one day! first I need a man! until then I buy my own lol!
  15. :woohoo:OMG! LUCKY! This is proof that men DO know what women want. Ah, there is hope out there. I hope you let your husband know how happy this makes other purseblog members. Also, you should double check HIS purchases, surely something is amiss? J/K. :heart: