So Feb 1st.....

  1. Who's picking up what?

    there are so many new releases today who's getting some goodies today I have to wait a little while longer to get to the store but I'd love to :drool: over some new eye candy

    (Is anyone getting the pulp weekenders? have they arrived yet?)
  2. Nothing for me but I'm so curious to see what everyone got, please post! :yes:
  3. I have not heard from my store yet, I am only waiting on the hearts and cosmetic cases for today. March is when I am in trouble! LOL! I hope to see some lovely new LVs for those scoring new goodies today! Hopefully a Pulp Weekender will make its way to tPF today.
  4. Claire, thank you for posting this thread. Usually I'm the impatient one!

    I saw the miroir cosmetic case yesterday and it was cute! I also saw the darker limelight and the gold (PM). Must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Spend.

    Like Irishpandabear (who is undoubtedly my purse twin, separated at birth) March is going to be the killer for me.

    Quick! Someone post pics. I'm suffering vicarious thrill withdrawal.
  5. I really want a cosmetic case.
  6. I got the call that my violette cosmetic case is in.
    I'm also really excited about the new epi - I wonder what styles it will come it. I don't care for the push clasp that seems common on several of the styles and really want a shoulder bag, so we'll see what the have :smile:
  7. I would also love a Cassis Epi shoulder bag - I can't wait to see what finally comes out!
  8. Got a voice mail yesterday to say my gold cosmetic case was in, but my SA now isn't in till tomorrow, so it won't go out in the post till Monday.

    At least I've got one coming!!!

    Post pics when it arrives...

    Can't wait to see what everyone else is getting!!!

  9. lol yep I'm using tpf as an excuse not to the many things I should be doing lol

    If and only if I get everything I'm interested in I'm pretty spread out
    feb limelight
    march watercolour
    april matisse

    limelight if a def other 2 it's a wait and see
  10. Im getting a pomme heart, a mirror heart and ............................. maybe the azur berkley, I go back and forth on that b ag!
  11. I just got my pomme heart and I'm so in love:heart:
  12. ~Yes, yes:yes:I'm ready too Claire for eye candy...My eyes said to me "FEED me, feed me...":drool:"~
  13. Is anyone getting the Galliera in either size?

    I really want to see this modeled! Might be my next bag. It's such a great price.
  14. i really want to see the limelight in gold.. i have it reserved for me and can't decide because i want to see the color before ordering ! :sad: BOO .. someone go buy it and post pics! lol
  15. none for me yet...