So far... so good!

  1. The last 4 years after my life as a competitive swimmer were sadly accompanied by a weight gain of roughly 40 lbs. From a ripped, six-packed stomach and ~185lbs at 6'1" to a no-so-ripped 225 lbs. This happened mainly due to my raging appetite and no more 6 hour workout days. My body type sadly also packs weight easily; I can both put on bulk muscle mass, as well as fat quickly with little effort, which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Basically, if I work out, I gain muscle mass, if I don't, I gain fat. No matter what I eat, it seems.

    Weight-wise, the past 4 years were a roller coaster. Right after I quit swimming, I thought it was a good idea to power lift 6 times a week without doing any aerobic exercising, which promptly added almost 50 lbs of bulk muscle, I could do 1100 lbs leg press but then also nearly ended up in the hospital with 200 over 120 blood pressure in a resting state. Yeah, good idea. Not. Around September of 2004, I lost nearly 25 lbs in 3 weeks biking in the English mountains for 6-8h every day, it was a blast and highly effective. That was the last time I saw the scale under the double deuce.

    Last Thursday I made it into Germany to visit my parents who live here. Family time usually means lots of delicious local sausages, meats, hams, pastries, mom's food, you name it. All the yummy German and Czech cuisine that I oh-so miss for all the months that I am in the US. My mom also cares a lot for my health, which is why I used to snack on all the goodies behind her back. I just love to eat... Get in ma' belly!

    This time around though, things turned out differently. My dad had brought back this 1 week crash diet plan from a colleague of his. This plan promised a rapid weight drop in 7 days of 10-17 lbs and having been trying in recent weeks to get back to sub-200, I was going to give it a shot. I am now on day 4 and the first result seems pretty promising, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

    A loosely translated version of the plan is posted below:
  2. Results below:
  3. After the 3rd day, the diet promises a weight loss of 5-7 lbs. I did not cheat a bit, I am already mighty sick of this fu**ing cabbage soup and last night I went to a nice Czech pub with a friend of ours, they served Schnitzel and fries, Czech dumplings and that delicious fatty meat... and I had to sit there and think of the soup I was going to eat later. :cursing:

    Today is day 4, and this morning I stepped on the scale. I started off at 222.9lbs, today I hit a respectable 217.1 lbs already! I am very excited, I hope to get below 210 by the end this diet is done next Monday.

    In addition to the soup, I have been running every day for 45min-1h, today I'll go on a mountain bike ride for a few hours, I shall post progress in the coming days.

    Should you have any questions (or critique on my lousy translation), let me know. :tup:
  4. Did I mention I'll get to have a chicken breast tomorrow? :cool:

    Someone pass me a slab of meat already...
  5. congrats on your weight loss Vlad,

    but please take care when you come of it this is very restrictive diet (basically an adjusted cabbage soup diet) don't be surprised if you gain weight when you stop and please don't do this for a long time I don't think it's very healthy.

    Sorry to be the rain on your parade, but we need you healthy!

    P.S Please don't ban me :heart::winkiss:
  6. :banned:

    Just kidding, I know that I can possibly gain weight after this week if I pick up my old eating habits. This said, I have been wanting to get into a better eating regime, I can't keep on eating like I used to when I swam for 6 hours a day. I consider this a kick start, a one week spring board to get rid of some poundage before continuing to take care of myself.

    Fortunately, I don't have to starve myself this way, still get my vitamin and mineral input while pulling energy off my excess fat. I just got back from a hard 2h bike ride, I didn't feel any decrease in energy levels at all.
  7. Vlad you know what I think of crash diets!!!!! They are just that, crash diets! :amuse:

    But I am not hugely objected to this plan, because you are indeed eating. Soup just has little calories, so you are on a lower calorie diet.

    The good thing is this is only 7 days.. after that you really should work on a new lifestyle regime (but we talk about that all the time too!)
  8. heheh looks like Megs is going to keep you in line when you get back
  9. I am actually stuffing myself... :idea:
  10. He's bringing sexy back....yeah!

    I am also dieting and losing weight. I know how hard it is, and how much effort it takes every single day. Hang in there, Vlad. You are doing GREAT so far and all of the exercise is really making you so much healthier. You want to be around for a long time so you and Megs can have a million babies. :tup:
  11. ^ A million seems like one too many, :amuse:

    Vlad is a workoutaholic right now! Biked today for 2 hours and now is on a run. I am sitting in bed. Hope some of it rubs off!!
  12. Don't pass out on us, Vlad ;) I understand your wanting to kickstart your desire for eating well and how frustrating it can be when you first start out and the scale slowly moves down.

    If you continue to work out regularly, the occasional schnitzel, fries and dumpling won't hurt :p But I'm sure you know that already!

    I know Megs will keep you in line!
  13. My hubby did this cabbage soup diet....farted like a trooper (peeee-yuuuu!)!

    Weight was lost, hubby was extremely bored, weight went back on. Now he's cycling 200kms per week and is lookin' mighty fine.
  14. Ohhhh I believe that!!!!!! :tup::graucho:
  15. Sorry but I don't think this diet sounds very healthy. It seems very protein deficient and lacking in the healthy fats your body needs. And unless you are very careful about selecting a wide range of fruits and vegatables, you won't be getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals. You probably won't suffer any harmful effects if you only follow the diet for 7 days, but any diet that warns of the risk of malnutrition can't be healthy.

    And I thought discussion of unhealthy fad diets wasn't allowed...