So excited!!

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  1. So monday i finally get to get my second HG
    i got my alma mm in pomme :heart: on my 21st birthday earlier this yr
    and bought two speedys and a marc jacobs bag since but none have filled the void in my heart!!!
    i will be making this purchase on monday but of course like always im confused.
    now i can get my artsy in infini :love: which ive wanted for so long!!!
    or should i get the amarante alma mm and a pomme sarah wallet
    or celine croc stamped phantom....
    i only have a day to decide because i want to make my purchase first thing monday morning :graucho:
    should i finally get my HG or get something else?
  2. definitely get your HG -- why wait!! Looking forward to your reveal!
  3. I would get the Artsy in Infini since it's your HG!
  4. I am not sure I understand your line of thinking. If it's your HG and you have wanted it for so long - why would you not purchase the Arsty if you have the funds?
  5. If the Artsy is calling you, get the Artsy... But my vote is for Celine :smile:
  6. Definitely get your HG! Can't wait to see your reveal! And you have great taste!
  7. Definitely your HG! Can't wait for your reveal.
  8. If the Artsy is your HG, why are you considering other bags?
  9. Hg.
  10. Because its other bags that I want to so now that I finally can get one of them I'm trying to make the best decision
  11. I love the other ones as well!
  12. Then the Artsy may not be your actual HG, lol!

  13. I would go for another alma - then you can rotate between the two!
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Your holy grail!!