So excited!!!!

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  1. I was planning on selling my DE Speedy 30 ( getting the DE Speedy 35 for Christmas) to fund a wallet. So tonight I'm browsing kijiji and found a red vernis Sarah wallet and the seller us open to trades. She has the box, duster and receipt from LV Yorkdale.
    We are meeting tomorrow night with our lv's to see if we are both interested and comfortable. We are both willing to meet at LV in case either of us have doubts regarding authenticity. As LV will not authenticate we would just inquire about heatstamping to authenticate.
    Both our pieces are practically brand new and in immaculate condition.

    Does this sound like a fair trade for both of us???
    Opinions appreciated. Thanks. :smile:
  2. sounds like a good deal - if it is authentic!
  3. sounds like an awesome trade!

    Good luck :smile:
  4. Since I am not familiar with LV wallets, do the wallets have a date code? If so where would I find it in the Sarah?
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    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012
    Okay. The seller just sent me a pic of the date code. It's made in France but the date code seems 'off' to me. It's TN 2140. Is this an authentic date code?? As far as I know TH and TR are the only letters in items made in France.


    Just checked and tn is for mahina only????
  6. I would get the wallet and trade the Speedy since you're getting another Speedy! Eek, how exciting.
  7. I strongly suggest you get a bunch of pics and get it authenticated here or by a professional authenticating service before you do anything.

    Considering I've been given wrong info at a store in Toronto just recently, I wouldn't rely on a SA for something this important.
  8. image-4196805557.jpg



  9. image-281621566.jpg
  10. I'm starting to worry!! I love this wallet and am so excited to finally get one but I certainly don't want to get scammed.

    Thoughts on the pics?? Authentic???
  11. Please post in the Authenticate this SEction so Addy an Lee can authenticate for you :smile:
  12. Just get it authenticated and you should be fine depending on what Lee and Addy say. Keep us updated!
  13. Yep, they should be able to get to it before tomorrow night's meeting. :smile:
  14. Okay I just posted in the authenticate thread. I just hope I get an answer before I have to go meet the seller!!
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
  15. Your missing the close up of the snap pic male and female part they will have to have that