So excited!!!

  1. I am so excited I bought my first B-bag and it is shipping out today!!! If I am lucky I will have her by Sat. I am hoping that I won't have to wait till monday as it might kill me. I keep checking and re checking the auction photo's like a mad person. Especially since I am dying to know what the color is going to look like IRL. Can you tell I am excited!!! But honestly I am a bit worried as well since I have never even seen the color or the style in real life so I am hoping that I like what I get. I just want to jump forward and make it sat. Now!!!
  2. Congratulations! We all know exactly how you feel! What did you buy? Do tell!
  3. Well, I am a pinks and purple sort of a girl and I never thought I would buy anything other than that but after hearing you all talk so much about how much you loved this color......

    I bought an INK CITY!!!!! and I am dying to see it in person!!!
  4. yay! congratulations!!!!!
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah :tender: even the sound of "ink city" that makes my heart leap.
  6. she didnt tell us in all her excitement! ok girl, what did you buy!?...she's so excited, bet she peed her pants a little...
  7. congratsssssssssss... ur gonna FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 0o0o0o congrats on a GREAT b-bag!!!