So Excited!

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  1. My 40th is coming up in a few months.

    My husband asked me to get him the details on my dream bag:nuts:.

    Please provide me with a location with all of the details on the types of crocodile bags offered? :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!

    Have you taken a look at the reference section, as well as the shopping section? i'm sure all of your answers will be located there.

    and if you still don't find the answers you seek, be sure to use the search option in the top right of the page, it'll save you time and you'll find great information that has already been discussed.

    but when you do get your bag, don't forget to come back here and show all of us!
  3. ^^ Yep, the ref sections are so informative, with lots of pics to look at!
  4. How exciting!! Happy Early Birthday!
  5. Congrats and happy birthday!!!!!

    I have a few years yet to my 40th, but I've got to bookmark this page for DH's reference . . . . :P

  6. Thanks you I am soooooo Happy! :yahoo:

  7. Thanks You :biggrin:
  8. ^ where'd angel2307 go? (her bi-color kelly and the ficelle croc birkin were my faves on that reveal)
    enjoy making your choice, LOOKINGOOD35! Will we be knowing you as LOOKINGOOD40 soon then? ;)
  9. Also once you figure some leather/skin you are interested in, search that leather for more information and pictures.
  10. your DH so sweet :smile:

    i hope he can find your dream bag;) with the help of the TPFers here, you sure to be steps nearer to fulfilling your dream
  11. Happy for you too...ur DH is such a sweetie!!~
  12. OMG! I'm so excited for you!!!