so excited!!

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  1. i got the cutest girl clothes [3-6mths] off of craigslist. they are all baby gap or tommy. i got 3 onesies, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, 1 hat that matches an outfit, and 7 shirts. some stuff still has the price tag on it...and i got it all for $ so excited!! :yahoo:
  2. WOW great deal!!!! I am not sure if you have bonnie tog store there but they have osh kosh on for like 2 and 3 dollars a piece here. Great deals to be had...and old navy has 50% the clearance items so also good deals...I am off to check craigslist now lol
  3. i love scoring great deals like that!
  4. Yay! I loved buying my son clothes as a baby but never knew how fun it was to shop for little girls!....I have also been buying lots of girly clothes and toys and gets addicting. You got an amazing deal on all that!:yes:
  5. i know ^^ we were buying girl stuff before we were even sure it was a girl...we just kept the tags and receipts.

    on CL we also found a crib with a mattress [barely used] for $50, a really nice eddie bauer bassinet [barely used] for $60, a new boppy pillow for $10, a boppy bouncer chair [looks brand new] for $20, and there is a swing we are looking at [but there was already someone else interested...bummer]. so we are making some serious progress!!
  6. **goes on a hunt for great deals on craigslist**
  7. it was funny when i told dh about all the stuff that i found and had agreements to buy and pick up. i had to break it all down for him on when he was getting it and how much cash he needed...he then input that all in a spread sheet. he is such a man...:cool:
  8. ^^^ My DH puts EVERYTHING on a spreadsheet. Drives me batty. But if we ever need to know how much the power bill was in August 2003, he can pull it right up!
  9. LOL...too funny!
  10. we got the crib today and the bassinet yesterday. the bassinet is the eddie bauer ones that target has for $149 and we paid $60 for the one we got. it's got a few scratches on it and a few spots on the material...but all the stuff has been washed now and it looks great!!

    the crib is really nice. it also has a few scratches on it, but nothing too bad, and a white paint pen will fix that right up. so i think paying $50 for it was a steal!

    we are in the process of rearranging our room to make room for the crib and bassinet. this is making it all so much more real. :cloud9:
  11. A spread sheet is an excellent idea! Congrats on the good deal! I inherited so many baby girls clothes that I almost don't have to buy any...which kind of ruins the fun for me as this is my first girl :smile:
  12. I don't have kids (and won't for a while), but aren't used crib mattresses supposed to be a SIDS risk or something? Because they lose some of their firmness and can have mold hiding in them or something?:confused1:
  13. So excited, nothing better than buying baby clothes (before the baby gets here)

    My aunt was at a garage sale a few weeks ago and bought tons of baby girl clothes, lol. There is no babies on the family but she figured we could get some use of them. I dont know why she did it tho, she called me and told me she had bought clothes for me (my baby) and that she would save them until I get pregnant..... who knows when :s
  14. That is great! I have also been looking in CL for baby stuff and have been going to second hand stores. We're just waiting to know the sex of the baby to start buying.