So excited!

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  1. Archy - that is so wonderful. It sounds like you had a great time. What fun!
  2. What a great experience, archygirl! :nuts:
  3. I am so sad I missed it. I am breastfeeding and couldn't leave the baby. I am glad you had a good time.
  4. Thanks ladies! I do wish I had fact my DH was so shocked that I did not bring a sharpie to have Msr. Louboutin sign my shoes! I did not want to bother the man, just thanked him for creating such beautiful shoes! I wish you all could have been there with me!

    Purly, did you make it?
  5. Wow that was you! The whole time I was thinking "could that be her"? I was too afraid to ask though lol.

    I took two iphone photos but they're blurry!

    ^^ He was talking about the trash mules on this slide.

    ^^ He was talking about how showgirls have always been an inspiration to him on this slide.

    I was 15 minutes late to the lecture! I got lost in Harlem (thanks google maps for taking me in through Harlem!) and then had to book it from 99th to 27th on 5th ave at 5pm traffic! Man! So needless to say when I parked, I RAN to the lecture. In my new VPs!

    During the lecture, he went on an on about his collaboration with David Lynch, stating that it was a protest against the concept of running in shoes. :roflmfao: And then he said that he sat at a cafe in France and watched women on the street and that no women run in heels, so he does not design his shoes to be run in.

    Needless to say, when it was all over I went up to him and notified him that in fact, I ran in his shoes on the way there. He was like 'Why' and I said 'Because I was late so I ran' and then he goes 'And you're still alive??' :roflmfao:

    He's a funny guy.
  6. Archygirl you must be on Cloud 9! What are trash mules btw? Where's Purly? I hope she made it and took pics for us!
  7. Thank you Purly! I spoke to soon earlier! Great story! How exciting to have a great exchange with CL!
  8. It sounds like you ladies had a great time. LOL, who wouldn't?? Just seeing Louboutin is a good time.:lol:
  9. wait wait!! what's in the trash mules? what's in the time capsules? I want to know!!
  10. I guess the story goes that he made shoes out of trash in 1994. He said that all the things he put in the shoes were very common but now are no longer made -- french money was replaced by the euro, the stamps are different, the train tickets. He said it was like a time capsule in a shoe.

    Bluefly seems to have a pair:
  11. What great stories!!! Archy, that is great that you had on your trash mules and he was talking about them. I am sure that he was very impressed!!!

    I am glad that you guys had fun! :woohoo:
  12. i'm so jealous! glad u have fun =D
  13. Wow, you two lucky ladies!!! Your stories warms my heart. :love:
    Archygirl - I'm imagining how proud you must feel when he talked about your shoes that you are actually wearing then!
    purly - CL was actually joking with you about his shoes!
    Wow! .....................
  14. how exciting that you had the shoes he was talking about!!!!
  15. OMG, sounds like so much fun!!! And to become part of the presentation, COOL! And also to have ML joke around with you, double COOL!