So excited!

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  1. I'm going to see Christian Louboutin speak today at the fashion institute of technology.

    I have NO IDEA what to wear. Maybe my black peep toe VPs with the burgandy tip. Would those go with a grey skirt? Why I don't own any black skirts I don't know!

    I'm like desperately trying to finish my sewing project in time -- I found fabric that matches my blue mody pumps perfectly and I'm making a skirt.

    It's a tough world girls -- a whole week off and my biggest worry is what to wear when I go to see Christian Louboutin.

    Does anyone know if he just randomly signs shoes upon request? Like, can I just go up to him and ask him after he gives his talk or something?
  2. Black VP's with grey skirts works fine together.
  3. Black VPs are always perfect!!

    I hope he gives a great speech & you have a fabulous time! I'm jealous!
  4. Well I think grey does go with black.

    I think I'm just nervous futurerich ;)
  5. Purly - that is so great and I am so excited for you. What a great event, is this the same event with Diane von Furstenberg that I read about recently.
    Black VPs with a grey skirt sounds amazing, I am sure that you are going to look beautiful and the weather is nice today so perfect opportunity to wear VPs.

    Are you currently in FIT? I am sure that we have some mutual friends then.

    I can't wait for your recap of the event later. Will you try to take some photos?
  6. Yes, that's the event :yes:

    I'm not an FIT student, but sometimes I wish I was. I just have a lot of friends in fashion so they give me the heads up about events they know I will like.
  7. Sounds wonderful!!! please do take pictures
  8. I'll try to snap a few with my iphone.
  9. Hi Purly,
    I am going too, with 4 of my students. I am wearing a CHANEL two piece outfit (trousers/top) with my Trash mules. Did not want to wear a high heel walking around the city with my students. Maybe we will see you there? We are heading over to the exhibit first and then to the talk. glad to see another tPFer there!!! How exciting!:yes::yes::yes:
  10. Hey! I still haven't decided what to wear and I'm nearing the point where I need to decide lol.

    I'm thinking I might be in a grey pencil skirt with a pair of black VPs with the burgundy tip. I might carry my purple metallic reissue or my timeless clutch.

    I will probably have a grey jacket on, or maybe my red pea coat?

    Or maybe I'll wear my scalloped peep toes instead of my VPs...

    If I see you, I will be sure to say hi! My name is Jen btw.
  11. wow thats so exciting!! you think you can snap some pics for us?
  12. Have a good time and please give us a report later ladies!
  13. Yes, please report back. Have a great time!!!
  14. It was AWESOME!!! Not only did I get to meet Msr. Louboutin, but I became part of his presentation when he began talking about the Trash Mules, which I have and was wearing at that moment! I got so excited since I did not realise that they were one of a kind, made in 1994!! When I spoke out that I had them on, he responded quite well about what was in them, and how they were time capsules....and after the lecture he took each one of my shoes and explained what was in them!!! He is the nicest, sweetest person.

    NO photos though. I forgot to bring a camera, and not one of my students wanted to take a photo with him (too nervous). We did get two photos with Diane von Furstenburg, however, who was just as genuine and nice!!!!

    I am now in HEAVEN. :yahoo:
    OH, and I had to pass my shoes around to show them to audience too. Was worried I would not get them back and would have to take train home barefoot...
  15. wow, sounds like a day you will never forget! How fabulous!