So excited!

  1. I had to share with you ladies.

    One of the girls on the H board kind of inspired me to get going and lose some weight. I'm almost 25 and almost 5'8'', and at my most fit I was 125 pounds, which I was happy with-- I know it's not supermodel skinny but I looked good and could wear a size 6 in some brands, 8 in others, and I was very happy with that (even a size 4 in Old Navy even though their sizes are all screwed up, do you know how fab it feels to wear a four? LOL!). I've never been supermodel skinny, I'm not built that way. I always need Large tops and medium bottoms. Anyway I've been kind of shirking off in the last few months and I'd gotten up to about 145 pounds, which freaked me out pretty severely, so when I saw that HLFinn had been working at dropping some weight I decided to give it a go. I started walking more, parking my car further from the entrance to work, I walked in some holiday parades and was eating a lot of rice and fish.

    And it paid off... because today I tried on my 28" Citizens jeans and my 29" Joe's Jeans, my two favorite pairs which I've had to put in the back of my closet because I couldn't fit into them. I've been wearing my 31"-32" Seven jeans.

    THEY BOTH FIT PERFECTLY!!!! Not too tight at all, and even my SO came in while I was trying them on and said "Woah. Those look really good. I mean, really good." And he never does that!

    :yahoo: I just had to share! I kind of stole some pages from Hilary Duff's diet I read about, where she eats a lot of fish and protein like rice, and I'm still enjoying everything I eat because it's so tasty-- (Tilapia at Red Lobster, Rice and Peking Dumplings at PF Chang's) -- and it's working! :yahoo:

    I don't have a scale, but at 28" waist isn't bad right?
  2. Good job!
    Congrats on being happy and getting into a healthy lifestyle....keep it up~!
    Isn't it the best high to fit in those jeans again?
    I love love love that feeling.
    Like your invincible.
  3. 28" waist is slim, especially at your height! :tup:
  4. I think the citizens are bigger than 28", since they fit the same as my 29" Joe's, but either way, I'm so thrilled! SO and I are going out tonight and I'm wearing my skinny jeans! I love it!

    Thank you ladies :love:
  5. Congrats Razorback! I haven't been that skinny in... oh, 20 years... lol! And we are the same height.

    After the holidays though, I plan on quitting smoking, finding a way to excersise some (my power chair should be here by the first of the year, I'll be able to go down to the health club and go swimming) and fix our diets. Both Dh and I need to lose weight.
  6. ^^I need to quit smoking.. I did, for Three months, then I made the mistake of going out and getting drunk with friends from college and before you knew it I was "smoking when I drank" then I was just smoking all over again. Sigh!
  7. Oh, yeah, I know how that goes. Last time I quit it was a night out drinking that got me started again.

    I'm serious this time. It's affecting my health badly, (they found a spot on one of my lungs during a routine check-up four months ago, in Febuary I go back to see if it's grown) and the money I waste... I could probably afford a car payment on what I burn up! So, January 1st is my quit date!
  8. ^^I could save up enough over the course of a year-- about $35 every two weeks-- could probably get me something nice from H!
  9. Wait.. when you weighed 125 you wore a size 6/8?
    I'm the exact same height as you and I weigh around 150 yet I wear a 6/8 too! That's weird!
  10. ^^We must be proportioned differently! That or every size I see is wrong-- and I've seen a LOT of variation in sizes. everyone thought I was sick when I weighed 125 (and that's my estimate of what I weighed, the only scales I've used are at doctors offices which isn't often! lol), that's when I could wear a 4 in Old Navy, I even think I had a skirt that was a 2 from there. I was shopping there all the time because I could fit into tiny sizes!! The way I'm built, big-boned as my mom says which I HATE, for some reason I look porky when I hit 145 or 150 and I get really paranoid.

    LOL.... my bottom half is small, but my top half is big. And when I get skinny, I seem to lose weight in my chest and not my stomach and hips, which is weird. It's so hard for me to drop sizes in jeans! I'm built really stange, so a lot of clothes from a lot of designers don't fit me. Sizing is just so weird anyway! But anyway... I just got back in from wearing my skinny jeans and I feel like I could conquer the world!
  11. congrats! I'm so excited for you! I'm getting serious as well, and making some lifestyle changes... pretty soon I'll be in the "back-to-skinny-jeans-club"!!
  12. Sounds great Congrats girl!:yahoo:
  13. CONGRATS!!! Woooohoooo!!!
    And for the record, Im 5'8'' and weigh 135, I am also wearing a 6/8 which is just fine for me!
  14. WOW so you went from a 32 to a 28??? That is great!
  15. Congrats!!

    That is TINY... 28 when you are 5'8 is extremely small!