So excited -- visiting TORONTO this weekend!

  1. Hubby and 2 daughters (ages 13 & 20) and I made some last minute plans to drive up to Toronto this weekend. We have tix to see "We Will Rock You," and will be staying Saturday night at the Delta Chelsea. I mapquested it and saw that the hotel is just a mile from the Bloor St. Louis Vuitton store!:yahoo: While we have yet to decide what exactly we want to do Sat. afternoon and Sunday, hubby already knows that LV is a definite stop.

    Now, if you were me, and your only access to LV was usually from eluxury, eBay, and 866-vuitton, and you had this opportunity, what would you look for?

    Here's what I already own in LV:
    Mono Looping -- nice bag, hard to fit things into easily
    Mono Cosmetic Pouch -- the big 1/2-moon shaped one, too large to use in most bags
    Mono Zippy Wallet -- love it and use it all the time
    Mono Trunks Pochette -- just got it on eBay

    Denim Baggy GM in Lichen -- my summertime bag, LOVE it!
    Black MC Pochette -- for credit cards and receipts
    Black MC Wapity -- for cosmetics
    (The Black MC looks really good inside the green denim bag)
    Black MC bandeau -- never worn, never used yet

    I have a Damier Speedy 30 waiting in my closet for Fall
    I have the tiny Damier Mini Speedy Sac for "date nights" and
    I just bought a Denim (blue) Camera Bag from eluxury! (They were offering free shipping, what can I say?)(

    I also have a Frambois Inclusion bracelet on its way from eluxury, but I'm not sure how it will look on me, since I've never seen any of the Inclusion line in person.

    I'm not a really flashy dresser, but I do love my LV's. Should I look for more Inclusion? Something in Damier? Any suggestions? And does it make a difference whether I go on Sat. or Sun.? Any and all suggestions are more than welcome!:smile:
  2. go on sunday when its nice and quiet. its a lovely store, it was the first LV store i ever visited so it has special memories for me.
    i dont know what to suggest you look at, i love to just browse and see what catches my eye. maybe you could get some vernis?
  3. How about something from the Vernis line? I was at the store yesterday and tried on the Reade PM in Pomme and it's stunning.

    There is an outdoor craft show going on from July 6 to 8 at Nathan Philips Square, a 10 minute walk from your hotel. If you have time, check it out. I think there are over 200 local artists.

    Summerlicious starts tomorrow as well, check out the link below for more info. Lots of great restaurants to choose from.

    Have a great trip.