So excited...Vernis Pomme Pochette wallet

  1. okay, so i'm super excited because i just ordered the Vernis Pomme Pochette wallet, per many tpf'rs and i'm going to return the vernis koala wallet (not enough room) and i'm going to pick up the damier pochette compact. but i think i might need buy a lil something for my troubles, i.e., trevi, tivoli and speedy 30 in damier ebony are sold out nationwide :sad: and i so want another purse (purchased first one on tuesday-berkeley in damier azur). i was hoping to get some suggestions. love, love the denim baggy pm (kinda expensive though), maybe another wallet till my pomme pochette comes? suggestions are much appreciated! thanks :p
  2. Oooo, your getting it!!!!! You are going to love it, I swear!!! Just watch! I get so many compliments on the color, it's just so pretty! And it's going to be the easiest wallet you've ever used!! Congrats!!!
  3. hey congrats, you can't go wrong with the Vernis, especially with the Pomme color, it's very stand out color.
    can't wait to see the picture :smile:
  4. The Pomme is such a fabulous color. You will get so many compliments from people.
  5. The Pomme is gorgeous! And about the bag, I think you should be patient and wait for one of those bags you want to come in.
  6. Good to hear that you are going for it!!! It's a stunning wallet and you won't regret it. It's going to put a smile on your face everytime you use it.

    May I suggest that you get a Reade PM in Pomme to go with it :smile:)
  7. Love the color!
  8. i love that wallet!!!
  9. How about a Pomme purse to match?

    I just got this for Christmas

  10. yay congrats! You will absolutely love it!
  11. wow congrats! rosewood is a good bag to match your wallet. i also want it!
  12. yeah, i HIGHLY DOUBT that LV will discountinue the speedy 30 in Damier ebony. ITs a CLASSIC!!
  13. congrats! pomme is such a beauuuuutiful color!!!!
  14. it's soooooooooo pretty. I could just stare at it 4ever.
  15. great color choice..:tup::heart: