So Excited! Outlet finds never happen to ME!

  1. I was at the outlet in WI Dells over the weekend and went to look over their clearance section where they had their Legacy bags. They have almost nothing worthwhile left. I had previously purchases a whiskey Ali and was regretting that tremendously when I moved some bags on shelves near the wall. Tucked ALL the way in back, behind outlet bags and nowhere near other Legacy items was THIS! :heart: This outlet never received any of these bags! This was a return and I got lucky enough to find it! Other women were circling me like vultures!

    So start the sexy music!

  2. :wlae:*dances to sexy music*:wlae:
  3. haha women can be fierce in Coach outlets.
    Show us show us!
  4. Oooh oooh, take it off!

    (I was going to head up there this weekend but got lazy, heh. Now I want to live vicariously :smile:

    Travesty hahahhaa
    Awesome :smile:
  6. What did you get? PICS!
  7. waiting patiently before i need to go to bed.. i wish i knew how to use that popcorn eating smiley...
  8. oooh come on and take it off!!! :graucho:
  9. :bagslap:...........:whistle:
  10. Yay for amazing outlet finds!

  11. Share share!
  12. :popcorn:
  13. :sleepy::sleepy:
  14. Okay. I cannot prolong a strip-tease very long since it takes about 20 minutes fow me to load up a single picture with a dial-up connection! So here she is: drumroll for my black shoulder bag! She isn't as shiny as the pics make her look, either. It must be the flash.


    I wanted the charm last time I was in the boutique but passed it up. Got lucky again! The hardware may not match, but I love the blue against the black!


    And the pretty lining!
  15. OMG.. my dream bag :drool: :nuts: