So excited my new bag is on it's way!!!

  1. I tried to go the used way for a Keepall but most of them were VERY used or didn't have the strap. So I finally got one from Eluxury! Cannot wait!!! This is a huge week for me, just this last week I have gotten: Saleya PM, Damier Pochette, Keepall 55 with strap, and well I cheated on LV with Chanel GST in Black and a black caviar East West Flap! I will post pics when all of it arrives!:yahoo:
  2. Congratulations. Can't wait to see the pics!
  3. LOL Congrats! Glad you decided to buy a new one.
  4. Congrats! Keepalls are something that's hard to go used on with all the fakes out there. I'm also glad you decided to go new!
  5. congrats, can't wait to see pics.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Great buy, I am looking at getting one myself...can't wait for pics...
  8. Wow! You have had a big week. Congrats...can't wait to see pics!
  9. wow what a week. I love havig stuff sent as well. I travel a lot for business and when I am away from home for a long time a package at my hotel always helps...
  10. nice spree...
  11. Wow! That's quite a week! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. Congrats
  13. YAY the keepall is such a great bag! You're going to be using it a lot!
  14. You have had quite a week!!! What a haul!!!!!!!

    Cant wait for pics!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  15. congrats! love the keepall. can't wait for the pictures.