SO EXCITED! My Birthday Reveal.

May 7, 2007
I thought I had my heart set on an Etoupe Evelyne but when I saw this - I had to have it! I think I'm too worried about colour transfer on Etoupe to get as much use out of an Etoupe messenger bag as I thought I would. This is much more ME (although my DD thinks that she will now get my LV Musette as its too similar in colour!).
Sep 25, 2009
Cold Northern Europe
This is such a perfect bag - you will use it all the time - it's turned into my 'go to' weekend bag - and this shade of brown seems to go with everything! Wear it in the best of health, Ali - enjoy and and your DH is one lovely DH!!
May 7, 2007
Thank you everybody, your kind words mean so much to me. Funnily enough - it was my SA's birthday today too! Neither of us realised before AND we were both wearing the same design of scarf today - Beloved India - mine was GM Shawl and she wore a 90! Definitely Fate!


Oct 6, 2007
:drinkup: Congratulations and happy birthday! Cafe is a great color and the scarf is beautiful and chic! Enjoy them both!