So excited...just invited to my first vip event

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  1. So, I get a phonecall from my fav SA to ask me if I would be interested in a vip event being held on June 12th...ahhhh yeah!!! :wlae: of course...I tried to contain my excitedment. I don't have all the details yet because I didn't get the invite in the mail yet...just the official word from the SA. Anyone know anything about the event in NYC on the 12th? Can't wait
  2. How cool! Keep us updated!
  3. Oh, is it a VIP event? I thought it was just some private event for clients...didn't know it was for VIPs. The manager at my LV asked if I was gonna be home in June for this and I said yes, but he only told me it was a private LV night, not VIP night.

    Anyway, congrats
  4. Congrats. I am very happy for you. Do you guys know how often these events run and how to get invited. ":P: mind if i ask how u became a VIP?
  5. awh lucky, i wanna go. too bad most of the items i've bought this year were LE and i had to search the country high and low for them. otherwise all of my purchases would have been through my new SA and then she'd ask me about this stuff...maybe.
  6. congrats! have fun and buy lotsa goodies :biggrin:
  7. Congrats and how exciting for you! Be sure to fill us in on all the juicy LV details, we want to know everything!
  8. Yes yes, soldier, come back with a full report! :yes:
    *chuckles* Have fun!
  9. Congrats! Have fun and dont forget to post new information!
  10. She told me on the phone that it's for their vip clients...apparently it's not being held at the store...she told me the name of the place but I forgot. Once I receive the mailing I will keep you guys posted. I'm so excited...I'm definetly going to wear my silver miroir excited!!!
  11. Sounds like fun. Definitely keep us posted.:smile:
  12. Congrats!! Have a great time and give us the scoop!
  13. Can't wait to hear more details! I'm so excited for you! :yahoo:
  14. How exciting, I wonder if you will get to see new LE bags.
  15. congrats!