So Excited in advance!!!

  1. I just couldn't wait to get the actual bag in my hands...I wanted to share my new "Shopping" bag with all of you!! This is the first one that I have seen on eBay in anything other than black or brown...and I had to have it!!

    [no eBay auction links please]

    When the bag arrives, I will update with aactual pictures!!!
  2. Oooooh, pretty! Nice find!
  3. WOW Anne...your shopping bag is STUNNING! The color is dreamy. What a find:tup: CONGRATS!! Post pics when you get her.
  4. congrats, you got a great deal!!!
  5. Congrats pale rose is super nice
  6. merrick!!!!!!!!!~ :yahoo:Congrats again!!!!!!:yahoo: So happy for you my friend!!!:smile: LOVE the shopping style!!!:love:~ it looks fabulous in pale rose!!!!!!!!:heart:

  7. Well...if it wasn't for you...I would still just be looking at this!!!:graucho: So glad it worked out for both of has been a good Bbag day!!
  8. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics. Don't forget to model it :p
  9. Congrats:yahoo: what a great deal.:tup:
  10. I love this shade; what a great find.
  11. Congrats! She's beautiful. Please post pics when you get her.
  12. Thanks so much everyone....I am thrilled...and cannot wait till Tuesday (as it ought to be here by then!!). I have never seen this color IRL...but it looks beautiful, and somehwt neutral. I also have the shopping in green...and now I only need a black to cover all of my bases!!!! That won't be for a while as I am on a bag ban...but the right one will pop up at the right time!
  13. Congratulations! Great deal, and I love the Shopper, it's a great style.
  14. Thanks so much! I love the Shopping is really the only style that works for me...which is great because being less popular...the prices are usually a bit lower!!!
  15. [​IMG]

    Sorry everyone...I wasn't aware of the eBay link no-no!!! Here is a pic...and I will provide better when I have it in my hands!!!!