So excited! I ordered this today.....

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  1. to go with my '07 aquamarine City bag......I'm sorry if I'm boring everyone to tears with my bag but I so love it. I had been looking at these coin purses from TailorTrash even before getting my Bal! She added this to her store today and I jumped on it.
    It's the smaller size so should be perfect for a City bag:loveeyes:

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  2. Eniko's items are really beautiful and so well made, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have quite a few of her pieces as well, so glad that she started making them again!

  3. Thanks CeeJay, she has a couple of new items up in her shop right now. I figured best not to wait because someone else will snatch it up! I'm glad to hear that about the quality of the product, I love having something unique on my bag.
  4. Great pattern/colour choice! The blues will complement your bag beautifully!
  5. Thanks so much muchstuff! I do hope they'll look great together!
  6. Holy smokes that is a gorgeous addition for your beautiful Bal! I'm unfamiliar with TailorTrash but will definitely look up now. Oh, & you most certainly could never bore us w/ that stunning bag!!:loveeyes:
  7. Thank you Kendie, I'm so excited to be able to add one of these to my bag. I hear they're getting harder to come by.
  8. What???. That rogue is gorgeous, can you post the link please? :sweatdrop::drool:
  9. That is so will go so well with your bag. :heart:
  10. Thanks Dextersmom! I can't wait to get it!
  11. Very cute. They remind me of what Balenciaga used to make.
  12. We are rogue twins now, I wanted this for my turquoise work!:woot:
  13. So cute ! I need one :graucho::greengrin: