So excited, got into my #1 grad school program in NYC!

  1. I am absolutely over the moon right now! I just found out that I got into the Sotheby's Institute of Art for an M.A. in Art Business, starting this fall. YAY!:yahoo::yahoo:I interviewed 3 weeks ago, and they said I should hear back from them in 4-5 weeks, which would be mid-February. My mom called this morning to say we already had a letter from them :confused1:, and I was so sure it was a rejection..just decided not to make me suffer and go ahead and toss me out. :p But it was a YES!:sweatdrop: I'll be moving up in June and starting class in September. I'm already imagining all the shopping...:drool:

    Can't wait to mee some of you NYC ladies!!
  2. A big CONGRATS to you, Sassy! How fantastic! :flowers:

    Remember to PM me when you head to NY! We'll do a Chelsea art crawl one Thursday evening! :yes:
  3. Congrats!!!!

    and welcome to new york :smile:

  5. Congratulations!! :yahoo::wlae:
  6. Thats great news! Congrats!
  7. Congratumalations!

  8. CONGRATS! I actually only know what Sotheby's is bc it was homework t otranslate an article fro the NYTimes for Spanish and he picked that. I know it's a big deal!!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. That's wonderful Sassy!! Congradulations!! Enjoy yourself!
  11. Congratulations!!! You must have worked hard, and deserve it!!!!
  12. Thanks so much everyone! I'll definitely be looking up all the Manhattan tPF ladies to show me a good time! ;)
  13. Cheers for Sassy! all the best for you:yahoo:
  14. congratulations! how wonderful!
  15. so prestigous!! Congratualtions :yahoo: