So EXCITED getting my first LV next week!!!!!

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    Next week I'm going on 'holidays' to Sydney with a friend and we're heading straight to LV!!! I've been after a mono speedy 25 for ages and will finally have it by the end of next week!!!!!!

    So excited I could cry! My boyfriend thinks I'm a little crazy though, he just doesn't understand how these bags are worth every dollar!!!:love:

    Were you guys just as excited when u got your 1st LV? I can picture me not letting go of it for like a month and probably will even sleep with it in my bed lol. :lol:

    Ok maybe thats going a bit far....
  2. How exciting! Please post pics!:love:
  3. :nuts: congrats on your first LV - great choice! go the speedy!!!!!
  4. Congrats on your upcoming purchase!!
    You must post pics.
  5. Congrats!!! YOU will LOVE the Speedy!!!!
  6. I'm super excited for you! You're not crazy for wanting to snuggle in bed with your LV. In fact, when I got mine, I put the bag next to my bed so I could see it every time I woke up. Now that's crazy!!!!! I don't know what it is, but I think when women love something like that, it's a deep-seated psychological obsession. No cure. And who wants one??!!!
  7. Woooohooo you are going to love it .. and baby it like crazy!!! :smile:

  8. *lol*....So true, so true!
  9. Congrats !

    And I was pretty excited, I just couldn't stop looking at mine ! :shame:
  10. Very exciting..great choice too:biggrin:
  11. Welcome to the World of LV addiction, it is all downhill from there!

    Hope you enjoy your Speedy, show pics when you can!:P
  12. I am so excited for you!! Yippee!! :smile:

    Let us know if you see anything else we don't have here :smile:

    have fun, go nuts! :smile:
  13. Yay have fun w/ your first LV!!! When I got my first one (White Murakami Lodge PM), I couldn't wait to take it out in public and show it off!!!!!!!! :biggrin: :love:
  14. I remember my first was a beautiful moment shared just between me, my bag...oh and my SA. ;)

    Congrats on ur first'll never forget the feeling!:love:
  15. i can so relate. hahaha :lol: