so excited, first lil piece of fendi in my life

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  1. lookie here at what i scored at TJMaxx! eek!


    I LOVE THEM! woohoo!

    they're so classy... i know in my harley shirt how classy i am lol... but i looove them! ONLY 60 bucks! how could i possibly say NO!?

    what do you think? they look okay???
  2. very nice! funny i just got back from a trip to FL and saw them in TJ maxx down there. was really close to buying them but realized that I had just bought Aviators. Although, for $60 you can't really go wrong!
  3. i've never thought that this shape would fit my face well. :love:
  4. They look awesome on you ViciousBliss! That is a great deal you scored. I gotta get to a tj maxx after hearing all the deals that everyones been getting.
  5. goodluck lemme know if you find anything on your trip! it's always an adventure. if you dig through the bags you can find nice stuff too sometimes!

    SoMeTiMeS.... haha but i know i'll never see Fendi bags there. i've seen a nylon prada bag once but meh... not the same thing!
  6. great! congrats :smile:
  7. Cannot go wrong with that price!
  8. Lookin' good! Congrats!
  9. haaay :love: they're to hold me over till i get my hands on a spy (one day... :girlsigh: )
  10. Awesome Deal! Congrats on your first Fendi purchase! :supacool:
  11. I got the same pair at TJ's! :yahoo: They look GREAT on you!
  12. Cute sunnies. They look great on you!