So excited...finally getting a Coach wallet!

  1. I just called my closest Coach boutique to ask about an item I've been trying to get my hands on from the Japan site (the tattersall framed wristlet - still not available in the US, ARGH) and I casually mentioned that I saw a bunch of 25% off coupons floating around eBay and asked what it was about. She explained about the promotional sale and she would honor the discount for me as long as I came into the store - she couldn't do it as a phone sale. So I'm heading to Omaha this weekend and finally getting myself the Bleecker Signature Compact Clutch in choc to match my Carly :yahoo:

    I also asked about the new Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf (Style 98283) that's in the new catalog and she said they had about 30 of them in the store. When I called JAX earlier this week, they said they were showing zero stock. So I'll probably get one of those, too. I'm sure my list will grow...that's the part I hate about having to go to the store to get the discount...there goes my ban. Oh well. I guess I'll have to get over it. :graucho:

    I'll post pics of all my goodies after my spree (probably Sunday afternoon). Yipee :wlae: (Can you tell I'm slightly doesn't really take much.)
  2. How exciting! You must be totally happy! That is the perfect wallet to go with your lovely choco. Carly! Cant wait to see pics!
  3. I have that same wallet and love it! Congrats on getting the discount too!! Share pics with us when you get your new goodies!!
  4. Newbie question:
    When you refer to JAX, what does that stand for? Is it the Japan website I have seen mentioned before or the Jacksonville distribution center for Coach?
  5. I can't wait to see what you get! Don't forget the pics!!
  6. It's the Coach distribution center in Jacksonville. Welcome to tPF!!

    Thanks everyone for sharing in my excitement!! I'm actually going today so it will be even sooner!! I'll post pics tonight...
  7. Can't wait to see your pix! Have fun shopping!
  8. Have fun shopping! Show us all the goods.:smile: