so excited-CL Anemone

  1. so i hunted for these all over europe and my sister rang the other day to say she got me a pair, what she didn't tell me until today was....with a 30% discount!!!!! her friend is an editor of a big fashion magazine and got them for me at discount! so they only cost me €490!!! i am so excited, had to tell you guys cos anyone else would still think i was mad!

    picking them up on monday evening, so will post pics then
  2. Congrats! Makes it even better when you have a discount! Can't wait for your pics.
  3. :popcorn: Can't wait to see these!
  4. Pix please! I love the Anemone!
  5. just posted mine on this thread. congrats on your purchase. I am loving these shoes! and dont forgot to post pics when you get them

    Post pics of your Louboutins
  6. Congrats!
    Discounts are always the best! indeed post pics!
  7. Squeak, congrats. That is an amazing shoe and it's even sweeter that you purchased them at a reduced price.
    Although I love the fact that we are so jaded by CL prices, that we consider 490 euros a deal!
  8. Love those! Congrats!
  9. Omg. I'm in love with the CL Anemones. What color will u be getting??
  10. got them!! they are the black ones and god they are hard to walk in! i love high shoes but these are crazy!! i am terrified i am gonna break my ankle!! i will post pics soon, my ankles llok awful at the moment as i am as pale as a ghost!!
  11. ^^IWYM, the 120mm anemone is so hard to walk in, I literally have to hold on to someone when I walk down the street, you will never see me wearing those out if I know that I will be walking alone.
  12. haha true kamilla, i think they will be reserved for romantic dinners and dinner with the girls...deffo no clubbing in them :p
  13. Congrats Squeak! :tup: They are totally gorgeous and ethereal. Piccy please! I wish I had them now for the Christmas party this Saturday. I don't have shoes to wear with my dress - arrrrgh! Any more Anemones with discount - bring it on! Seriously, if you happen to change you mind please let me know (or someone wants to get rid of them LOL).
  14. haha i was actually considering selling them on eBay last night. i mean i literally cannot walk in them and since i got them at such a good price, i could make a packet if i sold them on. the thing is i adore them, but i honestly cannot walk in them as they slip off my foot.

    do you think i will learn to walk in them or will they end up being a waste of money?
  15. Why they fall of your feet? I wonder if you got a size too large. It shouldn't happen, quite dangerous actually.