So excited, can't contain myself!!!!

  1. My 05 Olive City just arrived, and I'm still trying to pick my jaw off of the floor! HOLY COW!!!! :wtf: It's not only a gorgeous, smooshy 05 leather, but the color is amazing. The ebay seller took crappy pictures that didn't come close to capturing how lovely this bag is.:drool:

    And did I mention it's PRISTINE??!!!! It looks brand spanking new, as though it spent the last 2 years sleeping in its dust bag.

    I don't have pics for you yet, but will post them tonight. I just had to emote right away because I'm still stunned.
  2. Congratulations!!!! Don't you love it when a used bag is way better than you expected? :yahoo:
  3. WOW that sounds great!!!
    I have an 05 olive first and love it to death :heart::heart:
    Congratulations on ur lovely bag Decophile...cant wait to see pics:nuts:
  4. Congratulations!!! :yes::yes: It's great to hear stories like these!! It will be fun to see the pictures.
  5. Congrats Decophile! Can't wait to see pic's.
  6. Congrats Deco! There's been a string of amazing stories lately !
  7. Thanks powder, oula and ssm!

    Powder, this bag is definitely way better than I expected. As much as we've all had ebay horror stories (and you may recall my Sac-religious twiggy incident), there are even more ebay joys! How else would I have ever found such a perfect bag in rare color for such a good price? And it came to me all the way from Indonesia! How exotic! :yahoo:
  8. Hi Deco!
    Welcome to the 05 Olive City club!! I love mine too, and I'm so glad you lvoe yours!! Isn't the color amazing?

    YAY!! Congrats! I need to post pics of mine too!
  9. :yahoo: YIPPPEEEEEE Deco!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Yay, Congrats. :yahoo:Olive is my favorite color and lucky you who got another gorgeous bag.:heart:
  11. where's the pics???
    u're killing me :yahoo:
  12. I have an 05 olive mini twiggy and the leather is truly amazing. Can't wait to see your pics, congrats!
  13. Ooo congratsssssss DECO!!!!
  14. Oh congrats, so happy for you , pics please!
  15. Congrats Deco !!!!
    I'm so happy for you !!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see pics !!!!!!!!!