So excited - burnt orange should be here today!

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  1. I havent been this excited about a new Coach bag in a long time! I love these pleated satchels and my burnt orange should be here today, and black tomorrow (or maybe today - they are both at the local Fed Ex right now, but the black isnt expected until tomorrow so I wont get my hopes up!) I really want to see the burnt orange color in person - I hope I really love it, because I want a spring one and a fall one (black). I'll post when it hopefully arrives later.
  2. Cant wait to see pics
  3. Ooooh, I can't wait to see pics! I'm so excited for you, that burnt orange color looks gorgeous from what I've seen so far. I seriously considered getting that one but decided I really do need a patent bag.
  4. That's great! I can't wait to see your pics!!

    I admit I was not so hot for these bags until I saw the burnt orange in person at the Coach store on Sat.!! It was a customer return, and as the guy said, just waiting for me to walk in and purchase it, lol! I admit it was SOOOOO hard not too, and if he had offered me the coupon, I would have bought it right there on the spot! Even DH liked it, although he hates the kiss lock thingy. I like the color a lot! I was afraid it would be the really dark brownish-orange, but it's not. I could go for a bit brighter orange, but I think this one is more neutral and will go with more. This is definitely my choice out of all of them! Or, I say that since I'm banning myself from anymore pink bags for a while, lol! I admit the pink patent is also calling me!! :P
  5. very pretty color! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. Exciting donnalynn! i can't wait to see it!
  7. YEEEAH!! I also cannot wait to see pics! This is the color I think I would order............if I ordered one.
  8. yay, can't wait for piccies!
  9. Well, did it come??? I want to see pics too!!!
  10. YAY! I think this will be the first one we see here on tpf. Can't wait.