So excited!! Any travel advice?

  1. My DH and I are going on our honeymoon this weekend!! Granted, we got married last year, so this is more like a one-year-anniversary trip, but still...:yahoo: !! Anyway, I haven't flown anywhere since before 9/11 and I hear it's a nightmare! Any insider tips would be gratefully appreciated! For example, is it true that airlines double-book flights now so whoever is first to check in for the assigned seats "wins" and the "losers" miss their flight? And that I can't bring a lighter or a book of matches in my carry-on ( a lovely mono Saumur BTW!)? What about in my suitcase? And what about lost/stolen luggage? I hear it's rampant! Do the security people who go thru your checked bags really steal stuff? I am obsessing I know but that's the Virgo in me!

    PS our trip is within the continental US if that makes any diff!
  2. Use those TSA locks!
    I went on a trip last month and after 15 minutes thru the conveyer belt, the attendants use a cable wire and weaves it through the luggage, so I wouldn't be worried. Of course if you are packing a designer dress, pack it in your small carry on (and pack all your heavy stuff/liquids) in your checked luggage.
    Have fun on your trip and take lots of pics:smile:
  3. I think you have very little to worry about on a domestic flight...I've only had lost luggage and customs issues internationally. I definitely would NOT pack matches or a lighter either in your carry on OR checked luggage, and I wouldn't worry about your flight being double booked. Make sure to get to the airport a bit early to get through security, and I would wear something comfortable because different airports will require you to remove your shoes, etc. Most of all, please relax, don't stress, and have an amazing time!
  4. It is not the should be fine. Def. no lighter or matches. Check your airlines web page for the current list of no-no's for carry on items.

    Have a blast!
  5. How exciting to be going on your honeymoon! Even if it is a little belated.

    Yes they overbook flights but most likely you'll be fine. If that happens, they usually make a very tempting offer for people to switch flights, liek a free flight somewhere else or a certain amount of money off of your next trip. I've been on overbooked flights and never been kicked off.

    Wear shoes that are easy to slip off and socks because you'll have to put your shoes through the xray machines and walk through the sensors w/o shoes. I think you'll be ok for not having anything lost too.

    Here's the link for what you can/can't take with you:
    TSA: Permitted and Prohibited Items

    Have a great trip!
  6. The last time I traveled domestically (about a month ago), they were already very lax. They didn't actually check for liquids or anything like that.