So excited! (and sooo done for a while!)

  1. I just got back from my lunch break, and my Legacy 06 shoulder bag has arrived! I didn't have time to take pics before I had to run back to work, but I just had to share with you ladies - I knew you would understand my excitement! I looove this bag - I had lusted after it for so long, and now she is finally mine! I really like the vintage-y look of the whiskey - it is so well suited to this style, I think. :yahoo: :love:

    And the reason I am soooo done for a while: I was kinda bad this weekend - even though I already had my shoulder bag on the way, I was wandering through Nordstrom and happened to walk past the handbag sale table and.....

    I found ONE beautiful Elisa marked down over 50%! :nuts:


    I really, really liked this bag when it came out but could not justify $750 for it, so I grabbed her when I saw her and wandered around debating over buying it - especially with another bag already on the way and all... but I was pretty sure this lovely walnut color in this bag was sold out at JAX... so I mulled it over more.... Finally I caved and bought her! No willpower, I tell ya. :shame: $369 was a GREAT price, and even though it is kinda big for an everyday purse for me, I think I will use her for school. My laptop and notebooks fit in this bag perfectly, and the outside pockets are nice and roomy so I can carry my wallet, phone, and keys and not have to carry a purse AND a school bag. (That is how I rationalized her to DH anyway. :graucho:)

    Pics tonight of both bags, I promise! Thanks for letting me share!
  2. wow.. you're so done :lol:.. but it's worth it because they're soooooo beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see pics :nuts:
  3. Great deals! I hoping to nab a Felicia for a good steal at some point! Elisa is a beautiful bag!
  4. can't wait for pics...and what a steal! :tup:
  5. wow.. who could pass up that deal? :shrugs: :graucho: Congrats, can't wait to see pics of them! :tup:
  6. Wow!! That's Awesome!! Enjoy:tup:
  7. Can't wait for the pictures!
  8. Wow, that Elisa is AMAZING! Who could pass her by for that price? I know I couldnt'!
  9. I absolutely love :love:the Elisa bag!!!'s only money:shrugs:...ya only live once:girlsigh:!!! LOL
  10. The Elisa is gorgy, and will definitely be a great school bag! I say you did a great job!!!! :love:
  11. wow! congrats on the Elisa!!! I love that bag!! I can't wait for pics!!
  12. P.S. Can I ask what the dimensions of the Elisa are?
  13. Wow that Elisa is gorgeous... where did you get it at? Nordstroms? Geez I don't think the Nordstroms where I live carries any sales like that!
  14. Congrats, it's GORGEOUS... the leather is TDF! And you got a great deal on it!