So excited about Sophia!

  1. This is my favorite collection bag and I just won one on eBay in emerald.. I'm really, really excited. Apparently the seller is a member here, so that's nice as well. :smile: I can't wait! It's my second bag by MJ.. my first is the MBMJ softy carry all and I've been so happy with it.. so I really can't wait to get my dream bag! I decided to just go for it and bid on the bag I wanted really badly instead of buying less expensive bags that weren't as appealing to me.

  2. Congrats airmarket!! I love the Emerald color!
  3. Sophia is also one of my favorites! :yes: I have the same bag and I really love it. Congrats on your new MJ!
  4. I love the Sophia! Congrats!!
  5. Congratulations! Sophia is a great bag. Enjoy!!
  6. Congratulations! Amazing color!!!
  7. What a beautiful green! Congrats!!:yahoo:
  8. i love green, it's one of my fav colors and it looks so good on that bag. i've been deciding what kind of mj bag to buy recently and i'm liking the sophia bag a lot!!
  9. What a gorgeous colour, congrats, enjoy, I love the Sophia - got one on Sat and love love it
  10. Congrats! The Stella is a beautiful bag. That color is stunning!
  11. Fab color!!! must be so excited!!!! Enjoy it!:yahoo:
  12. Wow, that is one gorgeous bag!!! The color is fantastic! Congrats!!!!
  13. That is a beautiful color ... I had my eye on the auction but decided to hold out for what I really want (another Stella) so congrats!
  14. Congrats on your dream bag! awesome colour! do some modelling for us!! :flowers:
  15. issit heavy? i've been eyeing one in purple/plum colour for a while too... as I have a few heavy bags and really want one which is light. ;)