SO Excited about my SO! (pics inside on page 6)

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Called Paris to check if my SO went through, waited 5 mins whilst the lady put me on hold, and she said...

    " Ok, Birkin 30 Goat Skin in Rose Shocking.............. with...... Interior in Iris.....and also Piping."

    I was soo excited to hear this good news over the phone. I was not sure if the SA would place the order as when I was there, the SA did not put it down on order paper, just a note on a little notebook. I had my doubts about the order, but yes it went through. She said it should be ready for SS 2011. I am not too sure about it, but oh well.... I will wait for it!

    Also asked for my sister's order.

    Vert Anis/ Vert Veronese Combination Front Back in Vert Anis. Side Panels Strap and Handle in Veronese. 35cm!

    I am sure it will take a good 12 months!:smile: But it is going to be worth the wait...

    SO...I have 2 SO's coming my way! one from 2009 still pending the other from sept 2010!

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Good things come to those who wait!!
  3. #3 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    Congrats! Now the wait begins which is the hardest part......

    But I am confused....isn't your 2009 SO order a Rose Shocking chevre birkin too in the same size? So you will have 2 Rose Shocking birkins of the same leather and size in your collection? Or you plan to sell one again like you sold your 2009 S.O. Soleil Birkin? Hope not!! :biggrin:

    Anyways, the more the merrier. Congrats again and hope you and your "sis" get your orders soon.


  4. my 2009 SO- Birkin LINING is in ROSE SHOCKING:smile:
    2010 SO- the bag is in ROSE SHOCKING


    im keeping both bags for sure!:smile:
  5. A big congratulations! Rose shocking is a beautiful color, a definite must have for pink lovers!
  6. Perfect combo - rose shocking and iris. Can't wait to see pics of it!!!
  7. that makes more sense. You're really into Rose Shocking...!:biggrin: It's a nice color indeed.

    I'm now waiting to see too if my 2 SOs can become 4! :graucho:

  8. That's great news :nuts:! I'm already looking forward to your reveal(s) next year :biggrin:.
  9. That's fantastic! Can't wait to see it. It's going to be stunning.
  10. ilovecocochanel,
    I can feel your joy oceans and continents apart, and thanks for sharing the good news!
  11. WOW, you do unbelievably well in placing SO's at FSH - I salute you! Can't wait to see them
  12. Wonderful News!
  13. Happy for you!
  14. Ilovecocochanel - Congrats on getting the SO thru. Now thinking back and seeing all the color combos that people are using, I could have added a bit more other than having an orange lining over Etoupe for my SO. My local H store got the order approved in April and they asked for October delivery. Now that October is around the corner, I wonder if I'm lucky enough to get in by December. Would be nice to get it for Christmas.

    When do you think that your 2009 SO will come ?
  15. :woohoo: I am so excited for you :woohoo: