So excited about my new purchases! eeek! did I make good choices?

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  1. Im picking these up tomorrow and will post pics and modeling shots when I get them!
    Im a little bit nervous to spend all this money at once, am I making good choices!! ???????? please help.
    I currently only own a speedy 30 in mono and love it.

    Damier speedy 30
    palermo PM

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  2. Great choices! Congrats.
  3. Lovely choices! The Palermo PM is so versatile. I love the Damier Speedy because of the low maintenance. Congrats!
  4. speedy 30!! =)
    I like the palermo, but only GM!
  5. I definitely will use the damier now in the fall and all winter long, the palermo I just think is so pretty and feminine and Ill love to wear it in better weather days. :smile:
    I bought 2 coach bags and am taking them back, to use the money for my true lvoes! :smile:
  6. i'm not a palermo fan, but i think it is a nice compliment to your other bags. :smile:
  7. You made great choices, love them both. Enjoy!!!
  8. They are great choices! Then you'll have a rainy-day bag as well as a shoulder bag... or you could always get the Trevi instead :tup:
  9. I like the trevi, but its not in my budget at the moment :sad:
  10. Oh I meant if you chose the Trevi instead of getting the other 2.. it's about the same, no?
  11. Great choice can't wait to see! :biggrin:
  12. Great choices. I really like the Palermo PM - it looks great with the strap or hand held. A Speedy is always a great choice. Congrats!
  13. I like your choices. Can't wait to see pics!
  14. Congratulations on both beauties
  15. great choice! can't wait for pics! congrats!