So excited about my American Apparel dress! :)


Jul 4, 2007
So I have never bought anything from American Apparel before. However, i happened to go to the website and I saw the Cotton Jersey Spandex Bandeau dress. It is absolutely amazing!!!!! :love: There is a video that shows 15 different ways you can wear it and so many of them look amazing. I bought the dress in navy and black and I am thinking of buying it in other colors too. It is great because for the price of only $36 dollars you get fairly good quality and so many different looks! Just wanted to share my excitement!
One of my best friends in college had that dress in green and it was the cutest, you can just reverse it front/back and wear it different ways! I tried it on and unfortunately it didn't fit me well so I had to pass but I think it's a great buy :smile: AA definitely has great basics.


Oct 1, 2006
don't get too excited about the quality quite yet...qc is pretty hit or miss with them.


Jul 30, 2006
Oooooh you bought one? I have been obsessing over this dress for WEEKS! Hope you love yours, update us and if you love it then I'll buy one too! LOL :P I love the coral. It's so affordable too, esp with the many ways you can wear it!