So excited about Macy's Friends & Family!!


Mar 28, 2008
Today I went to Macy's to pay my bill, and to check if they had the Pink Signature Stripe Floral tote that I've been drooling over online. Well they had it! Along with the Denim Pleated Ergo, both of which I asked to see out of the case. The Ergo was huge for me, but the floral tote was perfect. When I paid my bill the SA handed a Friends & Family card to the customer in front of me, so I asked about it and she gave me one. Then she asked if I wanted anything put aside until it starts (April 30), I was like OH HECK YEAH! I probably scared the poor girl I was so excited. :yahoo:She told me they only got one Pink Signature Floral Tote, I was going to buy it anyway at the end of the week but even better to wait and save 20%!

Can you tell I'm just a tad bit excited!:woohoo:
Jan 23, 2008
Congratulations!!! I just saw that bag IRL and it's lovely. Love the shade of pink they used on the stripe and flowers complement it so well. Enjoy your new tote. It's a beauty!


Looking for LVOE
Yeah, I want to know too! I've only see the pleated denim and floral at Nordies so far.
Not my local one, but the next closest got them in today. I just put one on hold and I also called a big one near BF's house in Houston and they were sure they would have them by next week so I put one on hold there. I also called L&L and they had them in their system so she thought it was in the boxes that just arrived or the ones that would come in the morning. I just did a BUNCH of calling. BUT, it was totally worth saving $80. Hell, now I am trying to see if any of them will have the pink patent or if Coach will do a price match. I am such a "bargain" wh:censor:re!