so excited about gorgeous eb maddy!

  1. I got the electric blue maddy yesterday. She's soooo gorgeous, such a vivid blue. Best of all, she was half price!!!:yahoo:
  2. Gorgeous - congrats!

    half price! thats great!
    Where did you get it? I want one :smile:

  3. Thanks Lady Chinadoll. I got it in the Bond St boutique in London. They had one more but it was very scratched.
  4. thank you for letting me know :smile:
    I hate scratches and I'm happy you were able to score such a beauty :smile:
  5. Oh, that bag is so pretty! Lucky girl:girlsigh:
  6. Congratulations! LOVE the color! :heart:'s not nice to stalk people....deep breaths....let it go.... ;)
  7. Hey, if they are carrying a JC bag...what can I say, I'm hooked!:nuts:
  8. What a score at half off! Conratulations, I'm so thrilled for you. It really is a beautiful bag and such a needed flash of color during the grey months. :yes: Wear it in good health. :choochoo:
  9. Wow, great buy! I can't believe there was one still out there in good shape and at such a great price:nuts: Congrats!
  10. Yeah! Congratulations!
  11. Thankyou all! I have spent the last half hour looking at it:drool: and I think it will look amazing with jeans and a simple white top. Now I just hope the weather here in London gets better soon:yucky: