So everything at Starbucks is 20% off for the weekend!

  1. Did anyone else buy nearly 100$ worth of starbucks crap! LOL I am an avid starbucks collector and I was like a kid in a candy store yesterday. Just thought I'd let everyone for some last minute gift shopping. All whole bean coffee and nearly all merchandise is 20% until the 17th. Plus you can get it gift wrapped and gift boxed free of charge:tup:
  2. WOW cool to know this!!! I have been eyeing some mugs and stuff lately...woo hoo!!!
  3. oooh!Im at STARBUCKS like everyday!!LOL!....Gotta stock up!
  4. ^LOL! I believe it! I rarely get there in the winter months. I love the iced drinks but not so much the hot ones. What's up with that?
  5. I am a starbucks DM (distric mangaer) and whenever i go to this one store they tell me about this who no matter how cold it is (here in MN) she will only drink an iced grande nonfat 2 splenda latte. LOL. One day she came in and they asked her what she wanted and she said just let me warm up so i can enjoy it!
  6. It's cool that you're a DM! I used to be an Assistant Manager in Hawaii. Did they promote you from within or bring you in from another company (usually the case in HI).
  7. Great I will be there today..Thanks for letting us know:smile:
  8. Awesome, thanks for letting us know!
  9. Is the discount on merchandise only, or on drinks as well? I don't drink coffee, but I am addicted to the strawberry creme frappucino (even when it's freezing outside).
  10. I just love their little ceramic cups as Christmas ornaments, esp. the white ones. I already got two of them - I'm seriously thinking of using them as a bag charm!
  11. I am curious is it til the 17th/Monday?? You mentioned the weekend and I dont think I will be able to get out tomorrow due to snow. But I neeeed their holiday coffee.

    Oh if your a collector remember their finger pupperts?? I miss them. I have a whole collection of them.
  12. I bought some of the sugar free syrup and it wasn't on sale but a lot of other stuff was.
  13. I'd like to know the answer to this too :yes:. If its on drinks, all the more reason for me to go get a drink @ SB.
  14. Yeah! What about those Gingerbread Lattes!? I'm going over tomorrow and suck down a huge extra Grande one. :yahoo:
  15. I am addicted to their summer water bottles. I have like every single color