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  1. I was out the other day and a gust of wind blew up my skirt. I was wearing a tiny white thong that barely covered myself.

    About 20 people must have seen me
  2. We have all had something happen to us too. My daughter wears a uniform skirt to school. I make her wear shorts under it. I always think of her walking up the stairs. Sorry this happened to you, I am sure you aren't alone.
  3. I have a hard time getting out of a car (while staying covered in a knee-length skirt) so I can't imagine how people do it with an ass-ruffle of a skirt. That's just got to be a skill. (I KNOW Paris Hilton doesn't but there's got to be other celebrities that wear REALLY short skirts.)
  4. Keep a cardigan or a shawl in the car. Put it on the lap and shift both legs out before lifting urself out of the seat.
  5. That's happened to me too but guess what----it happened when while I was walking across a zebra crossing!!!!

    Everyone is their cars had a good laugh! I was an embarassment on parade!
  6. Do you have a nice ass?? If so its not embarrasing! HEe Hee..however, if you have a chunky ass with cellulite and you are wearing a condolences! :smile:

    Dont worry. No one knew who you were..did they?
  7. ^SELENA!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!

    I look at it positively ..being that you probably made some guys day..LMAO...
  8. :roflmfao: Selena - thats classic!

    Sorry to hear that happened....but I wouldnt worry about it. You will probably never see those people ever again. :flowers:
  9. OK, I'm probably going to sound dumb here, but does a "zebra crossing" mean something else or is it literally a zebra crossing? I'm picturing a safari park here. :P
  10. I love it when women think they can walk over those subway grates and not catch a breeze up their skirt.

    I saw this really not young woman wearing one of those peasant skirts..s he walked over a great and WHOOOOSH! up went the skirt and all I saw was saggy ass granny panties.

    This has happened to me... i was wearing cute black boy shorts though... it's embarassing... but i'm sure a lot of guys got a rise out of it for a second.

  11. its not so embarssing with pants, i was wearing a thong that barely covered me and was slightly see through and it was a view from the front that most people got to see
  12. If you want to avoid this type of embarassment wear something that covers your ass,this is a no brainer :lol: .
    If on the other hand if you have an ass worthy of a thong don't sweat it :graucho: .
  13. I agree, plus you know you like the attention. :P
  14. i have a lovely ass but that doesnt mean i want people to see it

    i am quite a shy girl
  15. If so, then I'm surprised you'd consider not wearing a bra with that see thru dress you posted about on that other thread.
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