So Ebay prides itself on keeping itself free from fakes?

  1. I don't know what made me do it but i typed in under the search panel on "guaranteed authentic" only 131 items appeared :wtf: i know obviously there are more items and genuine sellers word slightly different but doesn't this just go to show how many fake items are slipping through the eBay net! It appeas eBay have it all wrong, they are removing genuine sellers auctions and leaving 100000000's of replica goods for sale. I have spent many hours reporting fake items and they do not get removed but i see genuine people have items removed (no justice) ..... ok rant over:shame:
  2. Its drowned in them
    I just spotted this scammer , there are advertising a chanel bag,
    some poor person is going to loose a huge amount of money for there christmas it makes me so upset they get away with it
    pls take a look and report it if you would the more the better, lets stop some poor person having a rotten christmas

    she has fake chloe paddingtons listed too
  3. I just don't get it - there are so many stories here about tPFers having their authentic bag listings pulled by eBay, then you see obvious fakes sitting there and notwithstanding that they are reported, they never get pulled.

    I bought a bottega veneta bag a month or so ago which was legit - but then a couple of weeks later a newly listed zero feedback seller in Greece posted the EXACT same add, including the pictures of my bag. They clearly didn't have the bag since the pictures were of MY bag which was safely in my hands by then. They were reported (including by the seller - I told her and she reported them as well) but the listing ran for the entire time and someone ended up paying a fair amount for the non-existing bag. It frustrated me because during the time the listing was running I read story after story here about people having their listings pulled for no reason.

    I have had some great deals from eBay and being in Canada it does open up availability to a lot of things we don't otherwise have access to in Canadian stores, but this sort of thing really does make me wonder...
  4. :yahoo:it is gone . I can not understand how Ebay can justify soooo many fake items, not just handbags but clothing etc they really need to look at other ways of checking the items prior to sellers listing, i mean have Ebay people not learned to spot the obvious signs in a fake Chloe Paddington (you would think so by now, but no they still allow the listings, some at £89.99 buy it now :sad:) I guess all we can do is keep reporting and posting fakes to the relevant forums here for eveyone else to do the same!
  5. :shrugs: It really does not suprise me... i saw a thread here once for a Chloe bag and know that at least 7 PFers reported it and 2 days later it was still on Ebay. I have also seen the imaginary bag saga many times with genuine photographs used for non existant handbags or genuine pictures used to sell fakes ( i was a victim to that myself once , i sold a $1900 / £850 handbag and less than 1 week later someone used my pictures , wording etc to sell a fake one :tdown:)