so dying for a berkeley! anyone?

  1. I have been lusting over a berkeley for months now............can anyone tel me if it is a practical bag for everyday use? this will hopefully be my first damier piece out of my 48 L.V collection, is it true that you can use it over the shoulder as well??? oh my Im a 25 year old soccer type mom who dresses very casual............anyone??? pls help
  2. i have been waiting since last spring, so YES. i am getting an ebony damier one within a week or so!
  3. handles are adjustable...i saw modeling pics on here where i believe some pfers were able to wear it as a shoulder bag if desired, but i personally wouldn't.

  4. Oh wow! really?? yeah you have a point I don't think it would look good as a shoulder bag:tup: so dying to get one!!!!! you think its a good bag for everyday use?:confused1:
  5. i tried it over my shoulder - but because of the width of the bag, it made my arm uncomfortable. Unfortunately the bag was slightly too big for me - but it is a gorgeous bag...
  6. I've seen this bag in the shop window of LV. It seems like the PERFECT bag!! I personally like the azur the most. And I think this is one of the best allday bags you can get!
    I just love it! :girlsigh:
    go get it!! ;)
  7. Not really a shoulder bag, orginally bought it in Azur, but afraid of all ther vachetta and the dye transfer from jeans. Returned it for the ebene color, not a fan of the damier ebene, but in this bag it looks beautiful.
  8. I really want it, but im so scared of the vachetta, I might still get it if i cant wait for the hampstead.
  9. IRL the bag is beautiful. I'm adding her on my wishlist. I would her in Azur. I did try to carry it in the store, and yep..its really not a shoulder bag. It was uncomfortable..but she is so pretty :smile:
  10. LVdiva, it would be a lovely everyday bag for sure! The opening is nice and big, Damier is much easier to maintain than monogram. I love the azur berkeley more - but there is wayyy too much vachetta to worry about there. And did I read right, you have 48 LVs?! You must post your collection and let us drool!
  11. I want a Berkeley BADLY!
  12. I def. think it would be practical as a handbag! And the damier ebene is tdf!
  13. How is damier much easier to maintain than monogram? What's the difference?
  14. The bag is really cute IRL....saw it in azur.
  15. I just tried it a few days ago and I didnt care for it. It did not fit on my shoulder comfortably at all even at the last setting on the strap to increase length. Another lady tried it after me and she was thumbs down too. The Hamstead is actually nicer, if you like that look.