so dumb it's funny

  1. i had to share this with you -- i was surfing ebay today to check out recent listings and noticed two underpriced ostrich kellys which i can only presume are fakes. but here's the thing -- the listing seller has -1 feedback! what kind of rocket scientist lists with a -1 feedback? it's not like it would be difficult to re-regiseter and at LEAST be a 0 seller . . . .

    so like watching a train-wreck i just had to find out more. the ONLY feedback is from a buyer who warns us -- in two languages no less -- "ATTENTION THIS MEMBER IS A SWINDLER, ATTENTION CE MEMBRE EST UN ESCROC"

    and that's when i lost it. :lol: :roflmfao:

    yeah, sure -- why wouldn't i buy those two bags? even if the seller's unjustly accused of being "un escroc," he's probably not smart enough to fill out the mailing labels.

    eBay: Hermes Ostrich Kelly Bag - Pre-owned (item 330047421062 end time Nov-14-06 05:24:57 PST)
  2. This and the previous 'Hermes air-bag story' ..:roflmfao: ..... sooooo funny:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. Lololol!!!
  4. Oh geez...this person seems like a good candidate for one of those Darwin awards.
  5. Dressage Queen - thanks for the laugh - I'm still cracking up as I write this.

    But you left out the best part: it seems that the bag has developed a lovely patination over the that a word?:upsidedown:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. wow, some people...:shrugs:
    Beautiful leather quality though!:wtf: :Push: :yucky:
  8. Very dumb indeed.

    PS: when will eBay shopping be clean and stress-free? (wishful thinking)
  9. DQ, I was laughing at the same seller this morning. I just wonder who on earth would take a chance on him? Crazy....
  10. wow, what a seller...
  11. eBay never ceases to amaze...nor lack in entertainment value.
  12. OMG!!!! I spit wine all over myself with this one......I'm still laughing! Thank you DQ for throwing a little humour my way today.....Geez...too, too funny....what a complete dork this guy is!!!!
  13. Well, he does offer money back... Hmmm...what do you think the chances of that are???
  14. i didn't even know a -1 exisited! :nuts: :roflmfao:
  15. :weird: Isn't A-1 a sauce?