so does this mean I'm going to be obsessed

  1. with fendi now? (my first!) well actually not my first. I did buy the regular spy but found it a little to big. anyway this is the fendi hobo spy:yahoo:[​IMG]
  2. Super Cute!!! I love it! congrats
  3. cute with the scarf! You must be lovin' the leather
  4. Thanks all - I am lovin the leather - a little too "new" but I just bet this thing will soften up beyond belief

    The scarf is to cover the "do not remove" sticker from bluefly :smile:
  5. I know what you mean about the regular spy being too big, that's why I got a baby spy to start, but I still lust after the regular spies.

    I've never seen the hobo irl, but the leather looks gorgeous from your pic, congrats!
  6. Welcome to your second obsession!!! Between Bbags and Fendi're in major league trouble. Good luck rangling with the demons.....spy....bbag....spy....bbag:confused1: What to do? What to do?
  7. Oooooo.... very nice!

    She looks fab on you!
  8. This is the first time I see a real pic of the spy hobo. It looks fabulous.
  9. Lovely colour, big Congrats
  10. It's so cute!!! Looks perfect on ya and cute scarf!!!
  11. LOL just what I need another bag obsession! Still in love today :heart:
  12. Wow!! Great hobo, the colour is so rich and yummy!!
  13. Great bag! Great pic! Ya can really see how great the leather is. That's a nice size. For whatever reason, I thought it'd be a lot smaller. Then again, maybe you're tiny. I'm 5'7, sz. 14. That bag might look like a wristlet on me. Looks incredible on you! I love that scarf too.
  14. Oh, no not tiny - 5'4" 135 lbs (well maybe closer to 140) :smile:
  15. I am obsessed and so are u. ^^