So does Ebay actually check a listing for authenticity?

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  1. I've noticed lately that when I list a high end bag, it takes longer for the bag to show up on ebay than it does if I listed for say one around $200 bucks. It happened today again. I listed two new items, one high end, the other, I priced at $200. Bam, the $200 showed up nearly immediately and the other STILL isn't coming up.

    What's the deal with this?
  2. I haven't noticed a difference within the different levels of my bags that I sell...

    But I have definitely noticed a difference when it comes to what you list. I just sold three items (two skirts and a pair of shoes) and they were up IMMEDIATELY.

    I think they check a random selection of listings. It all seems to be so so random with eBay. It's frustrating. :hysteric:
  3. It happened to me before. When I chat to the live help, he said that it takes long 'cause they have to re-index the listing in their database (10hrs for me), so for example, there are so many items listed under Louis Vuitton, and it takes a while to re-index, etc... That's his explaination, which makes sense, but I still doubt it that their machines are not capable of doing real-time...
  4. Certain brands do take longer to show up, sometimes almost half a day! I am not sure why it takes so long.
  5. Yes, I've definitely noticed this! Whenever I list a high end bag, it takes HOURS for it to show up. Sometimes overnight!
  6. Well I'm glad to see that I'm not imagining this! Maybe I should ask over on the ebay forums, see if anyone knows.
  7. I tend to get attached to my bags and very rarely put them up on Ebay, but I do sell a lot of Apple stuff that my husband has purchased and gotten bored of and high end watches for my dad, those both always take ages to show up in the search results. I listed an Omega once and it took almost a full day to come up, I was a bit annoyed because if I had realized it was going to take that long I would've considered choosing a 10 day listing.
  8. High end items are supposedly filtered, authenticity checks etc. But I dont hink anybody knows what they are looking for so its just a waste of time really
  9. It depends on listing traffic in that category at that particular moment dear, nothing to do with price.

    Ebay does not check authenticity, why would it if it could squeeze a dollar or two here and there? It only removes listings through a VERO member (copyright owner who is a member of VERO) who spotted it, or when it receives a certain number of complaints from other ebayers.
  10. some of my high end items can take almost 24 hours to show up, yet the 7 day auction include those pending hours too, what can i say about fee bay?
  11. You've got to be kidding me! There are stores on ebay with the words, "designer-like" and "replicas" in their title. I watched a program on ebay a few months ago when Meg Whitman was still there. She was giving a seminar somewhere in Europe and announced to the people attending that if ebay were a country, it would be the seventh richest. I guess they just can't afford to hire full time people who do nothing all day but authenticate questionable items. I mean how hard is it when they see an LV that sold for $39.99 or when they see the word "designer-like" in the title. I know, someone pulled my string here but this is something I will never be able to accept. The question isn't do they check for authenticity but why are some allowed and some are ended? Idiots if you ask me.:nuts:
  12. I don't think they should "start the clock" until AFTER your item actually posts and real people can see/bid on it!! I've (they've) wasted as much as half a day waiting for something to come online. Such a rip off!
  13. One reason I use Auctiva's scheduler, it retries until auction gets listed, free of charge.
  14. ITA:tup:
  15. Yes but that doesn't help with the OP issue. The scheduler only helps if your listing got rejected or you want it to list at a certain time etc. the OP was talking about how ebay has a lag time in designer name auctions, in other words your auction is listed but doesn't show up in searches for 10-20 hours for " ebay" to verify it.